All About Cats: 6 Simple Steps for Homemade Cat Toys and Condos

It has been several months since I have blogged about homemade cat toys and condos and felt that I should get back to some of the roots of my website.

There is an abundance of opportunity that exist in unused or stored material around your house that should be used to make homemade cat toys and condos or other cat furniture.  One of the first places to look is any old chests or areas you store old clothes and towels.  This will be a great start in making some cat toys.

The shed, attic, or garage you may find leftover lumber, rods, and poles.  Making a cat toy with the rod or pole is one of my favorites.  Unused plywood and 2 by 4’s are the perfect start of a kitty condo.

All About Cats Homade Cat Toys and Condos

Playing on the Condo

The Scratching Post

Just imagine the money you will save by making Homemade Cat Toys and Condos for your cats.  It does not have to be fancy or perfect to satisfy your cat.  Your cat likes things that make rattling type noises and wobbling movements when in motion.  Just a bit of creativity you can come up with several ideas for a perfect homemade cat toy.

6 Simple Steps for Homemade Cat Toys and Condos:

  1. Wherever possible grow your own catnip, (it’s an herb), or buy dried catnip from the pet food store.  A fresh supply of catnip will re-energize old and unused toys.
  2. Add pieces of dried cat food along with the catnip and ball up some newspaper and stuff into an old sock and tie off the end.  This will provide scent and some rattling effect with the dried food.
  3. Kitty Teaser is a pole or rod with nylon string attached to one end of the pole or rod.  Then cut a swath of denim or cloth and tie it to the end of the string.  Use irregular movements with the denim or cloth to tease the cat to attack.
  4. I love ping pong balls and so do my cats.  I have found that placing one or two dents on the balls makes them wobble in such a way that kitty can’t resist.
  5. Always save carpet remnants.  This is the base material for your cat toys and condos or scratching posts and you will need to recover when the carpet wears out so you can never have too much on hand.  You can hang or attach strips of carpet against the wall of the shed for an instant scratching post if you do not have any wood handy.
  6. Want a scratching post for life then cut a 2 by 4 in half so the two boards are about 3 feet long and join them with nails so you end up with a 4 by 4.  A 2 foot by 2 foot piece of plywood would be perfect.  Half inch is good and three quarter is even better.  The heavier the base the better. Now wrap carpet around the 4 by 4 and attach with small nails or staples.  Attach carpet on one side of the plywood then nail the plywood (carpet side) to the bottom of the 4 by 4 using either 10 or 16 penny nails until very secure.  Re-wrap the scratching post with new carpet when the old is worn out.

There you have it the 6 Simple Steps for Homemade Cat Toys and Condos and I am sure you can come up with many more.  I have an offer (click offer here or on the tab above) that has the best of my blogs which has more detail all about cats, health maintenance, and homemade cat toys and condos.  Please leave me any questions or comments, (click comments at bottom of this post or go to the tab above.  I can also be reached on twitter and facebook.

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