Sudden Behavior Changes In Cats

What is up with kitty, so well behaved and now is attacking the kitchen?

 By Claude West “The Cat Man”

Has your cat recently started jumping on the kitchen counter or table when there is food or activity there?  There could be an underlying reason for this sudden behavior change that I will explain later but first here is a true story.

I have a cat whose name is Journey.  She was lost and into our back yard as young as 4-6

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weeks old barely filling the palm of my hand.   Having been thinking about getting a playmate for Tomtom we decided to keep her and started on introducing her to the household.

Fast forward three years and this well-behaved kitty all of a sudden is jumping on the table and begging for food.  This is totally out of character and furthermore there is food on the floor.  We of course removed her and said the nasty word “NO” that she responds to quite well.  What is going on causing this sudden behavior change in the cat?

Later the same day we find her on the kitchen counter licking our dinner plates as if she was washing them.  I was very concerned and decided to research why all of a sudden without any provocation that her behavior has changed so abruptly.   I began my quest on almighty Google drawing up many pages of feline experts and articles but none that addressed Journey’s behavior.

Then this morning’s edition had an article from Gary Bogue who is a well-known animal columnist and there was the answer.   Gary had a question from one of his readers inquiring about this sudden phenomenon of feline behavior changes.  He replied that he experienced similar changes with his two cats and noticed that it also related to the seasonal changes from fall to winter.

What does weather have to do with sudden behavior changes in cats?

Ouch, that dull thud you just heard was the flat of my hand slapping my forehead.  This is not rocket science in fact this is normal animal behavior associated with the changing of the weather from mild to cold.  Animals in the wild will always build up their fat reserves so they can survive through winter.  Your cats may be domestic but their roots are from the wild and they have not lost all of their innate instincts yet!

If you find your cat’s behavior changing suddenly then pay attention to the time of year and the temperature outside.  Gary further said that he started adding a bit more food to each feeding and noticed a decrease in the bad behavior (not eliminated but decreased).   You might need some aversive tactics as explained in my article “Five Tips for Aversive Training Your Cat” in order to completely stop the bad behavior.

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  1. Carol North says:

    Aside from having kitty checked for the obvious, such as tape worm or other physical problem, I would also consider her diet. Allergies can rear their ugly heads at any age and a food well-tolerated may no longer be so. Just as with human children, foods to which they are intolerant can result in behavior changes. I address dietary issues on my website,

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