Supplements And Kidney Disease In Cats

Can Dietary Supplements Support Chronic Kidney Disease?

By Claude West “The Cat Man”

Do you have a cat or dog that is suffering with chronic kidney disease?  Would it be nice to be able to provide a supplement that can help reduce some of the toxic build up due to poor kidney filtration?  I have been doing some intensive research on this subject and have

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Supplements may help CKD

come across several groups and studies that claim to have positive results in helping stabilize changes in the blood chemistry due to the failing kidneys.

Just so we are on the same page there is no known cure for chronic kidney disease but some medications and supplements have demonstrated improvement in the quality of life and extended life expectancy.  The studies are initial require additional studies with third party groups before the medical and veterinary practitioners will consider them valid.

I have no firsthand experience with any of the supplements, nutraceuticals or medications mentioned in the studies.  I do have a CKD cat who I would like to help improve and extend her life if possible so with that said; I have intentions to test some these on her.

This is a preliminary report and information guide for you to be aware of the studies and the claims.  I have two blood tests on her that show no significant change in the Blood Urea Nitrogen or serum Creatinine over a year’s time since the diagnosis.  My current therapy will remain in place that consists of a wet diet with probiotics and enzymes.  She is in transition to a raw diet and currently is eating 50/50 raw to commercial canned.  This treatment provided to be by a certified animal naturopath.

Here are several alternate treatments that look promising but likely need more case studies from third party groups before medical and veterinary practitioners will consider them.

  • Renal TM manufactured by Candoli and distributed by Aventix shows promise in stabilizing potassium loss and reducing metabolic acidosis.  They also offer Renal TM Advanced for cats that are in the third or fourth stage of chronic kidney disease.  A prescription required from your veterinarian before you can obtain this product.
  • RenAvast TM is a combination of amino acids and peptides that claims to support kidney disease and is available without a prescription.  I have had contact with several users who claim that they are able to use anesthesia for periodontal work on shelter cats after stabilizing them by using this product.  Bio Health Solutions, the company promoting this product has one case study on file.
  • Azodyl TM developed by Kibow Biotech is a complex of friendly intestinal bacterial to improve digestion and reduce uremic toxins from building up in the blood.

There are a number of other natural ingredients to help your cat with chronic kidney disease.  Omega 3 fatty acids, CoEnzyme 10, Renafood TM, and Transfer Factors TM are just a few of the possible holistic treatments to help support the kidneys.

I always want to disclose that I have no personal experience with the above products and recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified naturopath, holistic healer or your veterinarian.

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3 Responses to Supplements And Kidney Disease In Cats

  1. claudew says:


    I must apologize for being tardy in replying to your request. Cats imprint what they think is food and tend to reject food based on past experiences. I know that is hard to believe but I have seen cats reject some premium foods that smelled just like Grandma’s cooking.

    Problem with human food is, it is cooked to our preferance and many amino acids are destroyed from the cooking that cats need to get. Key here is the more rare or raw the meat is, the better it is for kitty’s health.

    Here is a link (just click on the blue print) to an interview between two qualified veterinarians that I follow and they are great with cats. They talk about the importance of quality food for your cats health and discuss some of the frustrations you must be going through with your cat. It is about 29 minutes and has great information.

    Best Regards,

    Claude West

  2. sally king says:

    My cat,is really fussy about what she eats…she don’t like cat food,except cat treats,I know our food is no good 4 them,but,I worry,that she will lose weight. Hope you can give me some advice. Thank you,sally

  3. Woodrow says:

    Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it

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