How To Help Your Injured Cat

Does your cat need help from an animal chiropractor or physical therapist?

By Claude West “The Cat Man”

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Chiropracty or Therapy can help your cat!

Having a conversation recently with a friend the topic of using an animal chiropractor for your pet came up.  This is not a normal subject because we tend to think about pets as property and not as individuals.  All animals respond well to properly applied chiropractic manipulations given by a qualified specialist.  Yes, such an individual exists and is now more visible in the veterinary practice.

Last couple of years at the veterinary clinic I use for my cats I noticed business cards from several specialist.  Now an animal chiropractor is available several days a week providing specialized services to the clinics clients.  What a change from how this clinic operated several years ago compared to today.

What is an animal chiropractor?  This individual is an expert at manipulating the spine and joints to increase spinal fluid flow, reduce inflammation, and pressure on the nervous system.  Like humans, animals will likely need more than one treatment depending on the injury and how quick the pet can rehabilitate.  An animal chiropractor can bring immediate relief to a pet even if the injury is years old.

animal chiropractor, animal physical therapist, cat, cats, injured cat

Cat Adjusting Tool

Often injuries to the neck region may not show a problem with the x-ray so this type of injury will require a specialist to adjust.  A cat with this type of injury usually cannot hold its head up and tends to keep it down and to one side.  This is one of the easiest to adjust but often overlooked by a regular veterinarian because of the negative x-ray.

Some injuries in the lumbar area (mid-back) may have an associated dermatitis due to the spinal inflammation and is often miss-diagnosed as parasite because of the dermatitis and habitual licking of that area.  This type of injury may take several adjustments over the course of a month or two before rehabilitation starts.

Lower back or sacral injuries demonstrate lack of power in the hind legs, lack of jumping and an irregular walk.  Often the x-rays do not show any significant spinal injury and often not properly diagnosed.  This type of injury is very treatable by an animal chiropractor and will require more visits over a longer period before rehabilitation can occur.

A good specialist can also help with soft tissue injuries your pet may be having.  Here is the opportunity for an animal physical therapist that specializes in soft tissue injuries. If your veterinarian thinks the injury is in the bones then seek a referral to an animal chiropractor.   Should your veterinarian thinks the injury is due to soft tissue then get a referral to an animal physical therapist.

Ask many questions about your pet’s injury with your veterinarian, chiropractor, and therapist because you want the right person to deal with the injury. Also, consider getting a second opinion if your primary veterinarian cannot provide a satisfactory answer to your pet’s injury.

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