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Improve Your Cats Health With Diet and Supplements (part 1)

By Claude West (Cat Man) There are several important things a cat owner should do to help improve your cats health.  One of the things I mention is easy and convenient to do.  Before I get into that I would … Continue reading

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Feline Urinary Tract Disease

Is your cat suffering from repeated feline urinary tract disease? By Claude West (Cat Man) I have noticed that on several occasions persons are searching my site for feline urinary tract disease or infections.  This an issue that connects to the main … Continue reading

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Eleven Warm Weather Dangers to Cats

Summertime does bring a variety of dangers that you as a cat owner/lover be aware of them! Here are eleven warm weather dangers to cats! By Claude West (The Cat Man) Here is a list of eleven warm weather dangers … Continue reading

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Remedies Reducing Holiday Pet Stress

Does your cat or dog become anxious or stressed due to Fourth of July fireworks?  Use Remedies Reducing Holiday Pet Stress before the action begins. By Claude West (The Cat Man) I call it de-stressing or mellowing out your cat … Continue reading

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