Animal Communication Share Thoughts with your Pets

How would you like to be able to have a conversation with your pet?  How many times did you wish that you could? Animal communication share thoughts with your pets.

 By Claude West (Cat Man)

animal communication, animal communicator

Sadie, all bagged out!

First, I want to address the question of how can I benefit from using an animal communicator.  They can provide you with how your cat is really feeling both mentally and physically.  Combine animal communication with your veterinarian and you have a complete picture that is more proactive over waiting to see if your pet is sick or not.  Another benefit is they are able to help your cat through energy healing/training.  Animals have this innate skill to use energy to facilitate healing but may need some assistance or direction.

Using animal communication to share thoughts with your pets:

Second, have you ever wished that you could just have a conversation with your cat? Using animal communication to find out how it is feeling or what it wants to eat?  Wished I had a dollar every time I had those thoughts.  Well it is possible and readily available at a reasonable cost.  There are persons who have this innate ability to communicate directly with all types of animals.  They tell me that with proper training we could also do this.

animal communications, animal communicator

Journey, aka Journicus Ta Pusser

I have taken a training course on animal communication and this much I can say.   If you have experience in meditation and are good at that then you may be a good candidate.  The ability to communicate with animals begins first by putting your mind and body energies in the proper state.  So, it may be more efficient to hire an animal communicator to interact with you and kitty.

It’s not easy to learn animal communication to share thoughts with your pets.

That is the direction I have taken using an animal communicator.  Wow am I impressed with just how much information I got on all three of my cats.  It is interesting that our pets are here to teach us lessons both spiritual and physical.  I never realized that pets often choose who they will live with and teach.  Animal communication helps resolve behavioral issues as well as finding physical ailments.  Some European countries allow communicators to participate with treatment and diagnosis.  Here in the Western world you must be a licensed veterinarian.

Intuition is a first step to animal communication to share thoughts with your pets:

animal communication, animal communicator

Tomtom (plunked and potted)

People who work constantly with animals must have some intuition or ability with animal communication.  Many veterinarians are able to calm down your pet to give them medicine and wellness checks.  As a pet owner, I have often intuitively known when my pets did not feel well. Perhaps they wanted something from me but having a conversation with them would be a huge benefit.

In blogs, I discuss the value of having a certified naturopath and a holistic veterinarian to take care of your pets.  Now imagine the value of having an animal communicator as part of your team to keep your pets healthy.  Just Google animal communicators.  I think if you can find one in your hometown that is a huge benefit since they could actually meet you and your pet.  Otherwise they can perform this service online and over the phone.  I took my animal communication training from Val Heart.  I have used Reisa Stone for evaluation and energy healing and Marta Williams for lost pet.

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