Bad Commercial Cat Food

You can not have a healthy cat unless you feed it a proper cat diet.  Certainly not with bad commercial cat food!

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Although,you think that you are giving kitty a proper cat diet with commercial cat food. The chances are very high that you are wrong. It is tempting to believe the lies that commercial cat food companies offer.   They paint a picture of farm-fresh ingredients, wholesome kibble, and other images of feline health. However, if you knew some of the ingredients you would not purchase that for kitty.  

The Dirt On Some Bad Commercial Cat Food Ingredients

Many of the biggest cat food makers use off ingredients like bone meal, meat by-products, and animal digest. Those words are a code for food that you would never want to let your  pet touch. Bone meal and meat-by products include animal skulls, intestines, feathers, fur, and stomachs. Mostly the animals that the bone meal comes from are not even healthy animals.

bad commercial cat food

Please Don’t feed me bad cat food

Please note, It gets worse and it is not as if the sick animals used in cat food just have a sniffle. This is disturbing to find out that the animals that are in cat food had been euthanized because of serious illness. Sometimes, the animals used in pet foods are actually animals were euthanized by a vet. There are many reported cases of dead cats, dogs, rabbits and other road kill gathered and ground up as “animal digest,” by rendering plants.  They in turn sell this to pet food manufactures.  Some of the animals still had collars on their neck, as they are ground up and cooked into future pet food. A healthier cat diet would never have these things! Yes, cats can survive on commercial cat food, but they do not thrive.

The Dirt On Some Bad Commercial Cat Food Ingredients

Another issue is the use of preservatives that are in commercial cat food. Most commercial cat food brands use carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, preservatives like BHT. In cats, this can cause serious health problems early on in their lives.  This may be a cause for the spike in feline leukemia in kittens. 

Even the added minerals that commercial cat companies tout as nutritious are not as nutritious as advertised. Most cats cannot digest raw zinc, iron, and copper easily. A proper cat diet would include chelated zinc, copper, and iron.  

You need to be proactive when it comes to making sure that your kitty will have a healthier cat diet. Do not let your pet suffer from the problems that come with a bad commercial cat food ingredients. Start researching on how to make your own cat food.  I would start with Dr. Lisa Pierson’s website and Dr. Karen Becker’s website. In summary, understand what is a healthier cat food by researching.  Understanding the terminology and knowing which ingredients are good for your kitty.

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