Cat Dental Health Prevent Diseases

February is “Cat Dental Health Month.”  So have you had your cat’s teeth examined recently?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

cat dental health prevent diseases, raw meaty bones

Raw Meaty Bones, like using a toothbrush!

Every month should be cat dental health month for cats because we do not provide them with the proper diet that would support good dental hygiene.  Some breeds of cats are more prone to dental disease and all cats will start to show some decay after the age of three.

So why is diet so important to dental health in a cat?  In the wild, and keep in mind that domestic cats have not evolved in the last ten thousand years comparing to wild cats, whole prey is the reason for their dental health. Raw meaty bones help scrape the teeth and gums while the cat is tearing and chewing.  Sounds a bit gory but is very real and why wild cats and even feral cats have less dental problems than their domestic cousins.

Good cat dental health will help its immune system!

So you say no big deal.  I will take my cat to the veterinarian for a dental cleaning and kitty is as good as new.  Taking your cat to have a dental cleaning is a positive first step.  Keep in mind general anesthesia is required.  Repeated cleanings every six months or longer has some health risks.  Failure to brush kitties teeth between dental cleanings is like a high cholesterol diet between stent surgeries.  This is a real case of putting the cart before the horse and here are the reasons why.

  • It takes only 48 hours for bacteria in your mouth to start forming plaque and tartar.
  • Soon after, the bacteria start to invade under the gum line causing ulcers and gingivitis.
  • Once the gums are infected the bacteria, (some can be pathogens like E. coli).  Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and infect target organs.  Such as the kidneys, liver, and heart causing disease and organ failure.

Professional dental cleanings are necessary.  Daily brushing kitty’s teeth will prolong those cleanings to several years apart and reduce the chance of internal diseases.  The inconvenience of brushing your pet’s teeth is minor.  As compared to the expense of treating diseases and frequent cleanings.

February is national cat dental health awareness month.  During this time, many veterinarian offices are giving a discount.  Below is a video from Dr. Karen Becker who demonstrates and tells you the proper way to brush your cat’s teeth.

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