Cat Detox, Diet, And Immune System

How to Improve Your Cat’s Health And Immune System

By Claude West (Cat Man)

There is a close relationship between the proper feline diet, toxic buildup and the health of a cat’s immune system.  I call this cat detox diet immune system.  Starting with a proper diet is the first step towards supporting cat detox, improve immune system, proper cat dietthe cat’s immune system.  This diet should consist of raw meat, bones, and supplements like multivitamins, probiotics, and enzymes.  Diet is the most important step to toward improving your cat’s health.  The immune system improves when the vital organs of the cat are healthy and functioning at peak levels.

Cat detox diet immune system:

Once a proper diet is in place, you need to detox your cat to remove toxins from its body so the vital organs can restore their normal function.  We must remove environmental toxins that have built up over time and cause degeneration of vital organs.  Detoxing your cat is a holistic approach.  Using herbs, tonics, and antioxidants.  The most important organs to detox are the liver and the kidneys.  They are the organs that filter out toxins and other waste compounds from the blood.

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Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle, Astragalus root, Burdock, and Cleavers just to mention a few of many herbs that help the clean the blood, liver and kidneys.  I recommend you first speak with a holistic veterinarian or certified animal naturopath who will prescribe the proper therapy for your cat’s condition.  You can also purchase herbal complexes and tonics from a natural pet health store online.  Improper combinations of herbs and dosage amounts can be toxic to a small animal.

After you detox your pet then you need to continue using a balanced maintenance system that supports your cat’s immune system.  Antioxidants, cod liver oil or salmon oil, and coenzyme Q with the proper diet mixed with probiotics and enzymes is a wonderful therapy for maintenance.

Some key persons to have on your team during a cat detox

Keeping your cat’s immune system in peak performance provides many benefits including resistance to pests, virus, and bacteria.  Spending more money on your cat’s health on a daily basis will reduce big veterinarian and medicine bills in the future.  Many holistic practitioners believe that the current vaccination schedules are unnecessary.  Some suspect that over vaccination actually has reduced your cat’s resistance to the diseases it is supposed to protect.  As a result, of over vaccinating, the cat’s immune system gets worse and its health degenerates.  Having a holistic veterinarian or certified naturopath on your team will support your cat to a healthier longer life.

Benefits of cat detox

In review, you need to restore your cat’s vital organs through detoxing and provide a proper diet and seek advice from a qualified expert.  Once your cat’s health is back to normal, then start providing a daily maintenance that  supports the immune system and keep it healthy. This is the secret to a longer life for your cat.

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