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CatTamboo Pet Toys

CatTamboo Pet ToysIf you are looking for a “green” eco safe cat or small dog toy then look no further than CatTamboo Pet Toys.

The toys are made from split bamboo, bird feathers, and raffia grass that can be recycled.  Because of their unique size and shape several steps need to be taken upfront (my opinion) in order to give your cat or small dog the ultimate experience.

First, you the user need to get adjusted to the long rod and make it work properly.  These toys are significantly larger than the standard kitty teaser.

Second, take it easy with the kitty and give it time to adjust to the toy.  I do this by leaving it lying on the floor and after several hours try playing with the kitty.  You may have to repeat this process several times before kitty becomes acclimated and unafraid of this giant kitty toy.

Check out CatTamboo Pet Toys on their website.  Available through online purchase and in select pet stores.