Cats Have Itchy Faces

Why Does Kitty rub It’s Face on the Furniture and the Walls?

By Claude West (The Cat Man)

cats have itchy faces

Itchy chops!

Cats have itchy faces.  We all know what the cat psychologist and other experts say.  This is territorial marking and part of the feline social system.  I do not intend to argue or disagree with some of their observations.  What I do know is this.  If a cat is constantly rubbing its face in one spot, this is not necessarily marking their territory.

Cats have itchy faces!  

It seems there are some other things going on with the animal.  My observation after thirty plus years raising cats, that my cats rubbed their faces on certain favorite places.   Note that my cats have always been both indoor/outdoor cats.  Therefore, marking territory outdoors makes more sense.  Compared to an indoor cat so here are my thoughts and observations of this situation.

cats have itchy faces

Oh what a relief it is!

Cats have a condition, my opinion, that their face is constantly itchy.  This results in their repetitive rubbing on furniture, wall corners, or anything that will relieve the itch.  Consider the cat that spends many times during the day rubbing on the same object.  Certainly this cannot be socializing or marking.  Their scent last days and weeks not hours or minutes so what gives?

Cats have itchy faces:

Here is an analogy about this.  Have you ever known someone who was trying to grow a beard or perhaps you did that yourself?  Ever observe the actions of this person?  You would see his hands itching and rubbing his face in constant fashion throughout the day and even during his sleep.  Part of the frustration of growing a beard is the itching.  This may be related to changes in skin moisture and temperature during the growing time.

cats have itchy faces

Keep on a rubbing

Well if you had a face full of fur like your pets then it makes sense that perhaps you require a place to itch your face.  That has been my observation all along.  So I sent out to prove it in a physical way.  I scratch my cat’s cheeks and chops and squeeze them as well.  Kitty starts purring and demanding more facial itches!  Also noted that kitty spends far less time rubbing on the wall corners, furniture, and other favorite items.


Cats have itchy faces!

Not a very scientific observation granted but an observation none the less with the desired results.  Did my cats completely stop rubbing on other things?  No, but to my point of view it was less with the scratching and rubbing service I provided.  I do this service “at will” meaning there is no set pattern or time of day, and I like to take advantage when they are just lounging around the house.

I recommend that if your cat is excessively rubbing its face.  Try what I do and give it a full facial scratching.  This should reduce their activity on your furniture or other items that will reduce cleaning or repair over time.

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