Why Do Cats Lay On The Paper?

Does your cat lay on the paper or magazine when you try to read?

By Claude West “The Cat Man”

I have included a cool video with this blog that was inspired by my male kitty Tomtom.  

why do cats lay on the paper

Pass the Financial Section please!

He as do my other two cats, Sadie and Journey just love to visit when I am busy reading.  Why do cats lay on the paper?  There has to be some magic or association to their desire to lay on a surface such as paper.  I for one do not understand why kitty would prefer paper to a soft blanket or pillow in respect to comfort.  Therefore, comfort is not the requirement but interrupting your reading is the cat’s objective.

In the video you will notice that even though there is food on the table, Tomtom’s objective is to lay on the paper and demand attention.  I find it amazing that over all the years of having cats they all have the same agenda when I am reading.  “Quick, let’s get in the middle of this while he is not looking!” So after the interruption then kitty needs to move in several circles and plunk down on the paper.

So, do cats lay on the paper, magazine, or laptop when you are trying to read?

Since newspapers and magazines are quickly becoming relics of the past what is kitty to do!  Mine have already discovered the laptop and PC as perfect walking grounds although their habits differ.  My cats use the edges of the monitors to rub their chops on before considering several spins around the keyboard before retiring.  Sure is difficult to blog when kitty decides to plunk down on the keyboard!

There is no other recourse but to suck it up and give kitty the attention it demands including the brief two minute power nap on the computer.  I find that if I let it be soon kitty will get bored and move on.

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