Cats with Urinary Tract Infection

Home Remedies for Cats with Urinary Tract Infection

By Claude West (Cat Man)

cats with urinary tract infections

In the herb pot!

There are many natural remedies that will effectively treat feline urinary tract infections. The simple home remedies for cats with urinary tract infection outlined below will give good results.  I recommend that you consult a professional pet caregiver such as a veterinarian, certified naturopath, or holistic expert. They will guide you on what ready made home remedies are best.

Ready-made home remedies

Ready-made 100% home remedies for cats are available from pet health shops.   Please visit my website store to access the best shops.  What I like about this is you do not have to calculate the dosages acceptable to a small animal.  If you choose to purchase on your own, note that health food stores or pharmacy do not always carry 100% all natural.  Your best bet would be to go to a human naturopathic clinic.

Homeopathic bladder remedies like cantharis are very useful for pain relief.  It will quickly ease discomfort if your cat is straining to urinate. At the first sign of infection give two to three pellets two or three times a day. They are easily absorbed by the pet’s mucous membranes and relieve pain.

Home remedies for cats with urinary tract infection

cats with urinary tract infections

Love those herbs!

Cranberry juice extract is very effective in controlling the infection.  By stopping bacteria from adhering to the surface of the bladder and acidifies the urine.  You can administer a soft gel pill filled with concentrated cranberry flavonoids.

One of the best ingredients to combat a bladder infection due to bacteria is D-Mannose.  This is naturally occurring in cranberries and other fruits.  If you suspect that kitty has an infected bladder from bacteria.  Then using a quarter capsule of D-Mannose rehydrated in water and feed by syringe twice a day.  This will help assist removal of bacteria from the bladder.

Vitamin C supplement is also good a good home remedy for treating urinary tract infections in cats. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties and will strengthen the lining of the bladder. Depending upon the weight of your cat, you can give a dose of 250mg to 500mg twice a day. Be careful with the dosage though as vitamin C can cause diarrhea. You may have to experiment a bit to get the dosage right.

Calculate dosage for cats with urinary tract infection:

A tip about dosages when dealing with home remedies using products made for humans.  The average human weight is 150 lbs so take your cat’s weight and divide it by 150 to get a decimal fraction result.  Then if the recommended adult dosage is one capsule equaling 500mg then multiply the fraction by the recommended adult dosage.

Example: (12lb cat/150) * 500mg = dosage for cat

Lifestyle can cause urinary tract problems

Exercise will stimulate the bladder and you should encourage your cat to move about regularly. Make sure it can go outdoors every few hours, thus avoiding holding urine in too long. Ensure good hygiene and keep more than one litter box in your home for your cat, making sure they are always clean.

To ensure that the bladder of your cat is emptied regularly in order to flush out toxins, make certain that your cat has access to plenty of fresh, clean water on a daily basis. Chemicals in drinking water may make your cat avoid drinking, which in turn results in thickening of urine and hinders regular emptying of the bladder. This makes them more prone to developing a urinary tract infection.  Use filtered or spring water instead because tap water contains small amounts of chlorine and fluoride which is toxic to cats over time.

However, you cannot force your cat to drink, so one way to ensure your cats gets enough daily fluids is to moisten foods and dip dry foods in some spring water or chicken broth (make sure the broth is salt-free and no onion or garlic added).  I prefer wet canned food over wetting dry.  The reason is dry has lots of bacteria spores that water will activate over several hours.  Tip: feed kitty the wet dry food and discard after 30 minutes.

Diet is a huge cause of cats with urinary tract infection

cats with urinary tract infection, herbal remedies

Herbs for me?

Feed a natural diet without preservatives, colorants or additives to boost the immune system. Many commercial cat foods contain harmful chemical substances that weaken the immune system. Raw food is best to reduce the chance of any infection.  Check out my store we even have freeze dried raw food which is much easier to handle and longer lasting to store at home.  Remember a great diet will reduce and eliminate urinary tract infection in your cat.

Finally, Doctor Mercola gives you additional information that is relevant to humans and animals.

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