Commercial Cat Food is Killing Your Cat

Blog interview with Linda Zurich

By Claude West “Cat Man”

Reasons why commercial cat food is killing your cat. Here are some of the most important:

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a) Domestic cats’ bodies were never designed to consume either cooked or highly processed  food such as kibble or canned pet food.  Rather our pet cats are the product of many millions of years evolution.  Their bodies are just like those of every wild cat in the world.   Therefore, have been made by Mother Nature to eat their food in its raw state.  This is the way all felines consume their food for eons.

b) All cats, whether they be wild or domestic, are obligate carnivores.  This means in order to thrive they require nutrients from animal tissue.

Cats are designed to eat raw meat not canned or dried cat foods!

Majority of commercial cat food and dog food often contain plant based foods. Mostly in the form of carbohydrate laden ingredients such as corn, rice, wheat and soy.  Those which are starchy in nature, are totally unnatural and inappropriate for obligate carnivores like cats to consume.

There are 11 essential amino acids that cat’s cannot make for themselves and require these in their food!  More information click here.

The feline body lacks the proper enzymes to either digest or assimilate the essential amino acids in such foods.  Therefore, feeding cats pet food containing such inappropriate ingredients over time has a detrimental impact on their health and longevity.

It’s important to note here that even so called ‘grain free kibble’ products are little better than those which contain grains. The former are still highly processed and cooked and full of starchy fillers.  Such as potatoes, peas and sugary fruits.  Again, such foods are carbohydrate rich, plant based ingredients.  They do not belong in any appreciable amounts in the diet of an obligate carnivore.

Continuing to feed your cat commercial cat food will reduce it’s health and life span!

c) Commercial pet food makers use extremely persuasive and effective multi-billion dollar marketing and advertising campaigns.  They sway the masses into thinking commercial pet foods are full of wholesome and health promoting ingredients.  Pet owners should be upset to know the truth about how most all commercial pet food manufactured and made of.

Most all commercial cat food contain a variety of low quality material left over from the manufacturing of food for people.  Most of this waste ends up in places called “Rendering Plants”, that most unspeakable food waste are processed.

Commercial pet food is 4-D livestock

These wastes include such things as 4-D livestock, (Disabled – Diseased – Downed – Dying animals).  Includes road kill, expired, rotting grocery store meats along with their plastic and Styrofoam packages.  Worse, even euthanized pets many with their flea collars still attached.  All this nasty stuff is cooked at extremely high temperatures.  Then ground up and dehydrated at the rendering plants.  This ends up as cheap pet food ingredients with names like “meat by-products,” “meat and bone meal” and “animal digest.”

There is more to know about the deplorable quality of many of the ingredients used in most commercial cat food products that is beyond the scope of this blog.  Therefore, if this information is new to you I urge you to do more research.

A good place to start is to read the information at the links below.  Reading through these articles will help you to get a better understanding of the truth about how most commercial cat food is made.  It will also educate you about the kinds of ingredients that really go into those cans and bags that amount to toxic junk food for pets:

From my website: Toxic Junk Pet Food: The Shocking and Grisly Truth:

An excerpt from the book, “Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food.” By Ann N Martin:

Pet Food – Our Pets are Dying for It by Sandra Brigola

The Whole(istic) Truth About Pet Food by Christi Keith:

Again, Cats are designed to eat raw meat not canned or dried cat foods!

d) Consuming a steady diet of kibble and canned pet food for an extended period of time, which as explained above is terribly unnatural for a carnivorous animal such as a cat, puts

a chronic strain on the digestive system and overall health of that animal.  This can lead,

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especially over time, to a number of different health issues.

Digestive disorders such as: obesity, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diabetes, chronic vomiting, diarrhea and constipation.  Other urinary disorders such as CRF (chronic renal failure), urinary tract infections and struvite crystals.  These are some of the most common diet related ailments from which far too many cats are suffering today.

e) Years of eating kibble and/or canned pet food can lead to deteriorating oral health in the form of gingivitis and periodontal disease.  Sadly, statistics show majority of adult domestic cats over the age of 4 suffer from some degree of gum disease.

f) Gum disease a precursor to other serious chronic systemic ailments. Particularly including diseases and disorders of the kidneys.  If left untreated, advanced cases of gum disease can also lead to permanent tooth loss.

Please check out this link showing the diseased teeth and gums of a kibble fed cat compared to the healthy mouth and teeth of a raw fed cat:

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