Eleven Warm Weather Dangers to Cats

Summertime does bring a variety of dangers that you as a cat owner/lover be aware of them! Here are eleven warm weather dangers to cats! Brief note that leaving children and pets in your car during warm weather is hazardous to their health!

By Claude West (The Cat Man)

Here is a list of eleven warm weather dangers to cats and note that some of these can be year round.

eleven warm weather dangers to cats, foxtail


  • ·        Foxtail weeds brought by spring rains known to cause skin infections and can be lethal if swallowed.
  • ·        Open windows in high-rise apartments and condominiums where kitty may first learn to fly (or not).  Make sure your windows have secure screens and keep patio doors shut unless you are there to supervise.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats, black widow

    black widow

  • ·       Black widow spiders are starting to populate in bushes and shrubs where kitty likes to hang out.
  • ·        Toxic topical medications made for other animals are deadly to cats. Consult your veterinarian about the proper cat medications.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats, mosquito, natural pest repellents, mosquito, immune system


  • ·        Mosquito season is in full force and some are carriers of heartworm that causes severe respiratory problems in kitty (check out my blog for more detail on heartworm).  Even indoor cats are not safe because mosquitos are quite invasive.  Consult a veterinarian or certified naturopath on methods of treatment.  I prefer natural treatments but note that there are some natural products that are toxic to cats so consult an expert and be safe.
  • ·        Warm weather brings out all of the critters and feral cats roam large territories.  Catfights with critters and other cats will have injuries that become infected.  Abscesses will form and require medical treatment from a veterinarian.

In addition are year round dangers to pets.

  • ·        First, poisoning from chemicals and rodenticides that others are applying around their property (check out my blog about home toxins).  In addition, many cats love to eat plants, and some of those are toxic.  Check online with the ASPCA list of toxic houseplants to pets.
  • ·        Second, cats that get little exercise and sleep all day and night will become obese and run the risk of diabetes.  This is so typical for cats whose owners leave dry cat food out on a twenty-four hour – seven-day feeding schedule.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats,bad cat food, dangerous cat food, commercial cat food, toxic chemicals

    Doomsday Pellets

  • ·       Third, not feeding your cat a proper wet diet will cause many diseases over time.  Dry kibble is mostly fat and carbohydrates with only 10% moisture. (Oh no, do not get me started on this subject)!
  • ·        Another note that flea and tick season is year round but more abundant in warmer months.  Again, consult an expert on proper treatment for your cat.  A flea comb is useful to determine if you cat has fleas.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats, rattlesnake


  • ·        Last, living in rural areas have to consider dangers of wild animals such as rattlesnakes and coyotes that roam further in search of prey during hot summer months.Finally, now is a good time to take a look around the house and identify dangers to your cat before anything happens. Eleven warm weather dangers to cats.

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