Eliminate Fleas from Pets and Home

Flea season is year round and checking your pets is necessary before fleas spread throughout the house.

By Claude West (Cat Man)

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flea bites and allergic reactions

Fleas are difficult to get rid of once they contaminate the house and your pets.  It is best to mount a defensive barrier against fleas starting with your cat or dog.  An adult female flea can produce thousands of eggs in its life span of approximately 1.5 years.  Just one female flea can produce total hell in your home.

Flea Dangers:

Not all fleas are dangerous but like gambling the chances are greater for disease if no proactive plan is in place to correct the problem.  Fleas are carriers of many diseases such as tapeworm, bubonic plague, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and typhus. Their bite can cause an allergic reaction that can manifest to a nasty skin disorder on you and your pet.  Feeding them a specie specific natural diet increases resistance to flea diseases due to a stronger immune system.

Fleas are Tough to Get Rid Of:

The flea anatomy and life cycle makes it difficult to get rid of once they have entered in the

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Common flea

home and on your pets.  Products containing boric acids or high quality diatomaceous earth are the best products to use and are least toxic to your cat or dog.  Go to this site for more information on those kinds of products.  These products will dehydrate the fleas in all of its life cycle stages and kill them.

In areas where fleas are seasonal you must also consider creating a flea barrier outside the home by raking up leaves, dead vegetation, remove weeds and keep the grass cut low.  Fleas will likely infest your pet’s favorite resting spots so concentrate on those areas first.  Use quality diatomaceous earth to dehydrate and kill all life cycles of the flea in those areas.

Check Your Pet Frequently During Flea Season:

During flea season, monitor the pet by using a flea comb around its neck and tummy.  This is a quick way to determine if your pet has fleas and are in the house.  I recommend using natural flea control products over the toxic chemical based products.  Here is a site for more information on natural flea control products.  There are some new products called energy tags that you would attach to your pets collar.  I do not know how effective they are by themselves but are worth a try in combination with natural repellents.

Remember when getting rid of fleas in the house, soap and water may be effective with adult flea or larvae but not effective with eggs or cocoon stages.  High heat and dehydration are the most effective means of killing the fleas.  Steam producing carpet cleaners, the highest temperature setting on your dryer and dehydration products mentioned before are the best methods for killing this pest in your house.

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