FDA Crackdown Pet Food Industry Recalls

Unfortunately, FDA crackdown is not for the right reasons!

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Well they went and did it by making it public.  The pet food recalls, fda, commercial pet foods susan thixtonFDA crackdown on the pet food industry must follow the same rules as for human food.  Meaning the food, drug, and cosmetic laws that Congress passed back in 1938.  Unfortunately, the FDA crackdown pet food industry recalls is not for the right reasons!  I was getting the latest scoop from Susan Thixton’s website, the Truth about Pet Food how the FDA has decided to step in and start regulating the pet food industry.

I had to bust a gut for the following reasons:

  • ·        As Susan points it out that, the FDA is doing this to protect the public but not necessarily doing it to protect your pet.
  • ·        They are asking for input from the public and the pet food industry.  If this is the first you heard about it believe me most of the public is in the dark.  Meanwhile you can bet your next can of Kennel Ration the pet food industry is performing a major lobby campaign.
  • ·        The original food, drug, and cosmetic act passed in 1938 never excluded the pet food industry from good manufacturing practices, safe quality food, or labeling requirements!

So why has the FDA waited so long to regulate the pet food industry?

Let us break down the bullet points into finer detail.  The FDA has decided the multitude

Pet Food Recall, fda crackdown pet food industry

Pet Food Recall

of recalls over the past 5 years from toxic ingredients (with mislabeling) to pathogenic bacteria has killed hundreds of thousands of pets.  Now the FDA decides to do something about the pet food and snack imports and manufacturing practices here in the US.

This is great but for the wrong reason!  They want to intervene with the pet food industry to protect you but no mention about protecting your pet.  Rules of conduct, quality, and manufacturing practices including facility layout and construction.  This is in the FD&C Act of 1938 for reasons unknown the FDA excluded overseeing the pet food industry.

Now they are asking input from the public and the pet food industry.  When all they need to do is enforce the laws already on the books.  I come from the milk and ice cream industry and yes we are highly regulated but with just cause.  We work very hard to protect human or animal illness from consuming any products we make.  Does it make sense that the pet food industry should be doing the same?

Seems like FDA waits for a disaster before acting!

We have been experiencing a rash of Salmonella contaminated pet foods, chews, and snacks.  The FDA feels we are at a health risk having contaminated food in our homes and around children.  I am just as concerned about the health risk of the pets consuming contaminated food.fda crackdown pet food industry, pet food recalls

Considering the FDA has failed to perform their duty with the pet food industry for 76 years.  Now is asking the public for input is like putting salt on a flesh wound.  I do not like what I see in this because it is wasting time and taxpayer money.  Allowing time for the pet food lobby to convince Congress of less regulation.  While this process continues, the pet food industry is making contaminated food for sale.

I want to hear from you whether you have lost a pet to contaminated pet food.  Do you have any opinion about the direction the FDA is going with this problem?  Remember if you choose not to decide then you still have made a choice.

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