Feral Cat TNR Update

Feral Cat TNR Update, now fixed and living in a cage at my house.

by Claude West (The Cat Man)

It has been several weeks since I trapped this feral cat and had him neutered.  Since the

feral cat TNR update, oskar

A Feral Clowder of cats

school did not want it released immediately back to their property.  First, I had to construct a suitable cage to contain the cat.  This was no easy project.  Most commercial cages found in the local stores are to small.  A cage large enough to have a cat, litter box, and bed would have to be ordered online.

Second, I did not have the time to order a cage.  That would have been a great option since I had no guarantee that I would trap the kitty.  What I did was purchase a four foot by four foot small dog containment barrier.  The covered the open top with shelving lumber.  This is just enough room for everything needed to keep a cat in a cage for an extended period.

Feral Cat TNR Update:

The video is an update on the considerations for trapping a feral cat series and gives you a visual of the cage and its construction.

In summary, for those who plan to trap feral cats I highly recommend that you construct a cage by hand rather than purchase one.  Doing this will allow you to control what size you need. Also, you can increase the door opening so access is easier to service and feed the cat.

Recapping, my intention is to keep the cat in a cage for three or four weeks then release to my neighborhood and by doing this it will be more convenient to feed.  Jackson Galaxy recommends this process if you cannot return them back.  He further feels that ferals can be domesticated using proper techniques and time. Here is a link to his blog.

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