Five Tips: Dealing with Bad Cat Behavior

Cat Behavior – How to Deal with Bad Behavior in Cats

By Claude West (cat man)five tips bad cat behavior, cat fights, cat bites and scratches

Is your cat misbehaving?  An aggressive or overly angry cat is not a very pleasant animal.  Cats can actually be a danger to those around it.  Certainly if that anger is directed at you with biting or excessive scratching.  Kittens that play rough are trainable. Key tip is never play rough with them.  How does a cat owner deal with this situation?  

The following five tips bad cat behavior will resolve the issues.

  • Do not yell at your cat. This action will do more harm than good.  Cats do not respond well to yelling.  This will only make the cat fearful of you or angry with you. Cats that are angry with their owners will act out and misbehave on purpose.  This creates a different set of problems and does not correct the behavior issues.
  • Cats hate water.  The easiest way to discourage bad behavior is by spraying a cat with water.  Key here is try to do it without kitty realizing you sprayed her.  She will blame the counter or chair rather than you.  Kitty learns faster from the negative conditioning of getting wet.  Cover up your efforts and hide the spray bottle so your cat does not associate the spraying coming from you.  You do not want the cat to become afraid of you because of the water bottle.  This is called modifying behavior through repetition.  Stick to that standard, and the cat will soon realize what is “bad” and what’sfive tips bad cat behavior “good,” because bad behavior gets a spray to the face. A great method for cats that get on the counter or table is to use the compressed air can.  Containing a motion detector that will set off a pop of air scaring kitty off the table.

Five tips bad cat behavior:

  • Loneliness or boredom can make a cat become aggressive.  So give kitty something to do.  A scratching post or a toy is a simple way of entertainment.  You can handle it yourself and give your cat some personal attention.  Playing with your cat makes him feel wanted and loved.  Cats require less maintenance than dogs, but they do not handle loneliness and boredom well.
  • Does kitty routinely fight with other cats?  Then the aggression is far too much to tolerate.  Have your cat spayed or neutered if the activity is sexual in nature. You can keep kitty indoors at night to stop fighting with other neighborhood cats.
  • A firm “no” is a sign to kitty that such bad behavior is not wanted.  Do not combine this “no” with hitting or slapping.  That will just make the cat act out more.  However, a firm “no” without yelling, combined with a lack of affection such as petting or treats.  This will send the message that to get the things he or she enjoys, (namely treats and affection), a change in behavior is necessary.

These five tips bad cat behavior will change your cat’s behavior for the better.  Changing your cat’s bad behavior requires patience. five tips bad cat behavior, cats fighting, cat bitesThe cat will eventually learn what to do if you deal with the behavior effectively.


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