Funny Cat Videos

Cat Humor can be catching!

I have a desire to add a page that is all about cat humor, just funny cat videos.  Well here we go:

First, I need to announce my all kitty video station.  This website is strictly videos for cats (birds, squirrels, and such) and humans (how to adopt, treatments, and such).  In addition to education videos, it is jam packed with Funny Cat Videos, indeed!  I call this website “ThinkCat” having been accused of having cats on my mind most of the time. Enjoy!

One of my favorites, Jedi Kittens Strike Back

This video is about the relationship between a Pit Bull dog and a kitten.  Who says kitties don’t rule!

Here is a fun menagerie of cats, logos and music in Funny Cats episode #67, enjoy

I always wonder what my cats do at night.  Here is a great clip about one cat on video all night.

I love this video of Simon’s Cat because some of the animation is very realistic to a cat’s behavior when on the bed.

Funny Cat Videos presents Cats In Space – the final frontier

Some say curiosity killed the cat and others say it saved it.  Cats are like children exploring everything like a brand new world.

Remember the two talking kittens from last year, well someone had dubbed the video with real speech.

Compilation of Funny Cat Videos.  A funny and entertaining combination of clips about funny cats and funny things cats do.

If you want to get “tongue tied” then kiss the nearest frog.  Simon’s Cat latest video

Does your cat have a favorite toy?  This cat loves to attack hollow tubes and boxes!

We will wrap this page of Funny Cat Videos with another double take at Simon’s Cat in Double Trouble.