Getting Your Cat To Eat Healthy Food

Why is it to hard to convert your cat from dry cat food? Tips on getting your cat to eat healthy food.

By Claude West (Cat Man)

getting your cat to eat healthy food

Limit or eliminate dry food

By now you must know that I blog against dry cat food no matter what the claims or processes.  Cats just do not drink enough to balance eating dry food.  The bottom line is dry food leads to dehydration, urine concentration and a huge list of illnesses.  So yes we must convert our cat from dry to canned and hopefully eventually to a raw diet.  Getting your cat to eat healthy food.

The problem is converting from one food to another.  Cats hate change (kind of like us) and imprint to memory the food they like.  Top that the manufactures of cat food deliberately add extra fats and carbohydrates to attract your cat to the food.  Once your cat is addicted then it is a battle to switch to a different type of food.  The commercial dry cat food with the extra fat and carbohydrates will make your cat obese and diabetic over time.

getting your cat to eat healthy food

So is getting your cat to eat healthy food impossible?  No, but thanks to the poor choices we have with cat food it does make it more difficult than it should be.  In addition, it is a “catch 22” or a “damned if I do” situation with premium dry cat food because of the low moisture and the drying process destroys the quality of the meat protein.  Another note about premium is many still have too much fat and carbohydrates so they are a bit better but not by much.

getting your cat to eat healthy food

Let us get back to the issue of getting your cat to eat healthy food.  Converting your cat from dry to canned will be a slow process with most cats.  Yes, some cats take to canned cat food or raw meat right away but most do not.   We need a system that will train a cat to eat healthier and be simple enough for us to follow.  First, I need a commitment from you that you will stick to the plan regardless how pitiful kitty is and you are at the end of your patience.

Here is a wonderful video from Dr. Karen Becker who is a doctor of veterinary science with a more holistic approach to animal medicine:

Patience and perseverance will be the virtue and success key to getting your cat to eat healthy food.  It is a step by step and little by little taking away the dry and replacing with the wet or raw food.  Cats who have been eating dry food for several years will take the longest to change.  If you get some kittens, you will be able change their diet to healthy food easily.

getting your cat to eat healthy food

Caution and FYI tip:  Never add water to the dry food because packaging is not in a sterile environment.  Most dry food contains bacteria, yeast, and mold spores that when wet will start to multiply in numbers.  Wet dry food that sets out for hours can be highly contaminated and cause intestinal disorder to your cat.

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