How to Help an Obese Kitty get Healthy

Is Your Cat Fat?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Obese Kitty

We are responsible for our pet’s health, diet, exercise and basic disposition.  Pets mirror our actions and reactions meaning if I am a mean person, the pet will mirror that to strangers as well.  You have to decide how you want your cat to behave with company by how you act with others and interact with your pet.

The same is true with its health.  My cats will quickly become obese and lazy if I do not care about its weight or are too lazy to portion feed and exercise them.  This is all common sense stuff but you see so many obese cats and my vet says that eight out of ten cats coming to the clinic are overweight for their age.

Obese kitty

The video is about obese cats and how cute they are.  This is not what you want for your cat.  Since 1970 there has been an increase in feline obesity and diabetes.  They go hand in hand.

How not to have an obese kitty:

Physicians say we are what we eat!  You see that on TV with The Doctor’s Show and Dr. Oz all of the time.  Therefore, it boils down to taking some simple steps in portion control

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Obese Cat

with quality food when feeding your cat.  That is the first step and the second is playing with your cat and providing enough interesting stuff that they stay active.  Let us dive into this a bit deeper.

Transition your obese kitty

The quality of the food you feed will dictate the future health of your cat.  I keep finding myself saying repeatedly that a quality diet is King.  Please eliminate the dried cat food since that is the least quality of all pet foods. Do not cold turkey your cat but

fat cat, obese cat, cat exercise, proper diet

Limit or eliminate dry food

give no more than a quarter cup two to three times daily and add a tablespoon of canned food in the beginning.  Some dehydrated (slow evaporation) pet foods are not high temperature cooked, are acceptable, and mix this in with some canned cat food.

Once you transition from dry to wet food now you need to start transitioning your cat to raw.  You can get dehydrated raw or just share with the chicken you plan to barbecue. This is a process that takes time with most cats who are dry food addicts so be very patient.

What you will benefit during this transition period is your cat will start to lose weight slowly and after a year or so will lose that pot belly.  The process is mostly effortless since you are not deliberately starving the cat but controlling volume of food through portion control.

Exercise is a must for an obese kitty

Each day you need to spend ten to thirty minutes playing with your cat in a way that they are moving about.  We are all very busy with schedules, kids, work, commute but your cat is part of your family.  How much time this past week have you spent playing with your cat?

Playtime is essential to help burn off calories so combined with portion controlled feeding will give the healthiest results.  Your cat will live longer and have fewer medical complications that will save you money and time.  Now that is a win-win solution, and one that you should do for yourself.

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