Herbal Remedies Cats with Kidney Disease

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Unbelievably, there are herbal remedies cats with kidney disease.

They are inexpensive, effective, and natural.  Cat owners looking to make sure that their pet is in good health often turn to herbal remedies.  This is a way to make sure that their pet will live to see another day.  Also without having to deal with harmful side effects.  If your pet is ill, you want to do everything in your power to make sure it gets better.  Here are some herbal remedies for cats with kidney disease.


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Used in cats as blood purifiers.  Cleavers will help ease the strain on your pet’s overworked kidneys. They are so well known and effective; they have even found their way in commercial cat remedies and medicines.


Well, this is not an herbal remedy, but it is crucial to a cat’s health. Make sure that you give your cat lots of water with any remedy that you use.  Water will help flush out toxins from your cat’s kidneys, and help prevent more damage from occurring.  Tap water contains fluoride and chlorine that is toxic to your cat even at low concentrations.


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This particular herb is a blood purifier in both humans and animals around the world. It is rich in many vitamins, including A, B, and D, and promotes kidney health in both species.





herbal remedies, cats with kidney disease

Burdock (use the root)


A herb that does not get as much credit as it deserves. This herb is a systemic cleanser, a blood purifier, and aids kidneys during detoxification processes.



Golden Rod

herbal remedies, cats with kidney disease

Golden Rod

Is a blood purifier, this herb is a medicine used for kidney problems in many species for centuries.






herbal remedies, cats with kidney disease


These yellow flowers are for their beauty and used for their medicinal qualities for centuries. Marigolds are one of the better herbal remedies for cats with kidney disease.

Key supplements for cats with kidney disease

In addition to the herbs, I like to give omega 3 supplement in the form of cold fish or salmon oil.   Dose at 500 milligrams to 1 gram per day along with 10 milligrams of Coenzyme Q from your local pharmacy.  Giving your cat the herbs individually is dangerous.  Some of the herbs can cause conditions or ailments that could affect the health of your cat. I prefer to buy a premixed cocktail that properly portioned for small animals. They are available at natural online pet stores.

Diet and supplements go hand in hand.  Cats with kidney disease need as much support as you can give them.

The best way to make sure that the herbal remedies will work for your companion is to pair it with a special diet.  Use a diet designed to reduce strain on your cat’s kidneys.  A rich raw meat diet is what your cat needs.  Commercially produced cat food will only do more strain on your cat’s body. If  your cat is not quite ready to handle raw meat, try changing its diet gradually.

Here is my recommendation for dehydrated raw cat food.  You can add this to canned cat food or mix in small chopped pieces of raw meat from your butcher counter.  Converting your cat to a raw meat diet must be done in gradual steps.  Slowly reduce dry cat food until eliminated since this is the main cause for kidney stress and failure over time.

Processed food has a negative impact on the efficacy of herbal remedies for cats with kidney disease.   Aside from being cooked meat, commercially produced cat food is also high in sodium and phosphorous.  Neither mineral is beneficial to a cat with kidney disease.  Nor is it conducive to the detoxification process to make your cat feel better.

Find a certified expert to guide you when using any herbal remedy!

Before administering any natural herbal remedies for cats with kidney disease.  I recommend that you consult with a veterinarian, naturopath, or holistic expert.  A cat that has a prior existing condition might react very poorly to any herbal remedy.  They can give valuable advice on how to treat a cat with kidney disease using natural remedies.

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