Holistic Healing, Using a Certified Veterinary Naturopath

Are you searching for a holistic healer for your pets?  Finding out that there are few choices in your area, you should consider a Certified Veterinary Naturopath.

By Claude West (Cat Man)holistic healing for pets, what is a certified naturopath

Are you having difficulty finding a holistic veterinarian in your neighborhood?  They are out there but not in abundance or just not advertised and promoted as holistic healing.  Because of this, you may want to consider another alternative and contact a certified veterinary naturopath.

Holistic healing….What is a Certified Veterinary Naturopath?

I asked Dr. Kim Bloomer V.N.D., N.D.  this question and here is one of several replies she gave me.  The definition of naturopathy is “a system or method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.”

Although in the USA, no one other than a veterinarian can treat disease as a business. Naturopaths provide guidance to the pet owner in how to assist the natural healing process inherent in all living things.

To obtain a certification, one must attend a College that offers this certification such as the Kingdom College of Natural Health.  You may be lucky to find one in your area but likely require locating them online.  They usually do not physically examine your pet unless living nearby.  Instead they extensively interview you and then provide specific information so you do not have to be so reliant on your local veterinarian.  You should not be hesitant to use an animal naturopath.

Why use a expert in holistic healing?

holistic healing for petsWhy you would want to use a naturopath really depends on your full knowledge of animal health requirements.  A naturopath will provide you with all of the health requirements for any specie of pet and give you guidelines on creating a toxin free environment for your home.

A naturopath views veterinarians as your emergency health provider.  They view themselves as the maintenance guide to improve your pet’s immune system healthy as possible.  This means they live longer, resist pests, and diseases in a natural way.   A healthy pet feels better so they become better companions.

Using holistic healing for your pets.

Naturopaths understand standard veterinary medical procedures and therapies for all illnesses and trauma.  They prefer to use holistic therapies over pharmaceutical therapy where practical.  In addition, they challenge some of Western medicines practices by using or combining with Eastern herbal knowledge.

They totally understand a proper specie diet and its role in helping improve the immune system of your pet.  What I also like is the resources and reference material they provide on all subject matter covered about your pet.

In summary, I believe that we need to be more open about using certified veterinary naturopaths as the daily pet care expert.  You should use your veterinarian for what they do best.  Veterinarians excel in wellness physicals, trauma, and disease but often do not address daily requirements that a naturopath will.

Here is a blog article that is a huge resource and reference to me in an interview I did with Dr. Bloomer.  The link to Dr. Kim Bloomer interview providing more detail about naturopathy and its service to your pet: http://tipsaboutcats.com/certified-veterinary-naturopath/

Link to an article that has the definitions about Veterinary Naturopathy: http://aspenbloompetcare.com/AboutVeterinaryNaturopathy.pdf

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