Holistic Veterinarian Promotes Natural Healing

Does your current veterinarian recommend natural products? That is where a holistic veterinarian has an advantage.

By Claude West (Cat Man)what is a holistic veterinarian

Some allopathic veterinarians (traditional vets) have expanded their education.  They have added training to include holistic supplementation and treatment.  This makes them more attractive to individuals who prefer natural healing for their pets.  In addition, this combined training provides another medical dimension for your pet’s health.

What is a holistic veterinarian?

Unlike other countries, here in america one must complete veterinary school training in order to get a license.  Currently schools do not offer holistic medicine in their curricula.  A licensed veterinarian must attend special seminars and workshops to get this education.  This is why there are so few holistic veterinarians even in high population centers.

A holistic veterinarian has a deeper understanding of nutrition and diet. Those are the keys that best support and boost the pet’s immune system.  This is such a huge benefit to a pet’s health.  Boosting the immune system will increase it’s  lifespan with fewer medical complications later in life.

Most holistic veterinarians understand herbal supplementation for treatment of most ailments.  Often a more practical and less toxic approach to healing.  Most holistic vets are skilled in energy healing with acupuncture therapy.  This helps to relieve stress points without using aggressive medicine.

Other advantages in using a holistic veterinarian!

First, a fantastic opportunity is finding a holistic vet who also makes house calls.  More often than not, they are more willing to do house calls.  Second, they understand the stress cats go through during transport to an animal hospital.  Reducing stress helps your pet’s health.

Finding a holistic veterinarian nearby can be such a challenge.  This is why I blogged about using a Certified Veterinary Naturopath with your current veterinarian.  Doing this provides a full approach for your pet’s medical needs.

Most holistic veterinarians have a presence on the internet and that is the first place to search.  The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, (AHVMA.org), has a list but is not always complete.  Try other internet services on Google if the AHVMA does not have anyone nearby.  I am not telling you to dump your current veterinary service but rather providing information that could be of good use to you now or in the future.

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