Improve Your Cats Health, Diet and Supplements (part 2)

improve your cats health, probiotics and enzymes, dr kim bloomer

Healthy Cat

If you expect to improve your cats health then give it a proper wet diet.  Preferably a raw meat diet supplemented with animal probiotics and enzymes!

By Claude West (cat man)

There is no magic wand to improve your cats health, here is a great start!

Pet enzymes and probiotics given as a capsule, tablet, or powder is a smart and economical first step.  This will begin towards improving your cats health and immunity.  It is huge step compared to feeding commercial pet food.  The enzymes help break down the overcooked proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  Meanwhile the probiotics provide helpful bacteria for digestion and absorption of nutrients in the intestines.

This does not replace a raw meat diet!  This helps with the poor diet you are giving your cat and help improve your cats health.  Dry commercial pet food is the worst diet you could ever feed your pets.  Just take a few minutes and read the label.  Allowing the pet 24 hour access to dry food is the worst thing you could do for its health.

Improve Your Cats’ Health With Diet, Probiotics, and Enzymes.

improve your cats health, probiotics and enzymes, dr kim bloomer

Another Healthy Cat

Raw food diet may cost more on a daily basis.  Consider the expense due to diseases from poor diet!  This will cost you more and the special diet foods plus medications will not fix the problem.  Your cat needs raw meat to sustain its health and longevity.

I would like to share a few paragraphs from a veterinarian naturopath that I and my cat Sadie are clients.  Here name is Dr. Kim Bloomer DVN and she is treating Sadie for renal failure due to poor diet over the span of 13 years.  I am in the process of converting three cats to a raw food diet.  Yes, just like you, I am learning from my mistakes and sharing.  Doing this so you don’t make the same mistakes I did with my cats.

Dr. Bloomer’s consultation said the following:

I like to encourage my clients to put their dogs & cats, especially elderly and/or sick animals on probiotics and enzymes for the first few months their pet is on a raw diet. It will help them to digest the food easier and better in the beginning.   If you ever give antibiotics, (which I hope to encourage you not do but rather seek nature’s antibiotics), the probiotics are not optional.

Probiotics and enzymes: When your cat is first put on a raw diet, it may be harder to digest kibble or canned food.  In order to assist her, you can help her get her body’s “carnivore on” by feeding probiotics and enzymes.  Probiotics are the “good bacteria” or friendly flora that colonize the intestinal tract.  They are necessary for good health.  The innate immune system is partly housed in the intestines, lungs, mucosa and lymph system. So it’s always good to ensure good health by supporting the health of the intestines.

Enzymes are the staff of life – without them we die. We’re each given a reserve of enzymes as part of our bodies – vitamins are co-enzymes.  Every time we or our animals eat a diet that is poor in enzymes or lacking as in the case of kibble, then we are dipping into our reserve.  When we eat foods that are alive such as a raw meaty bone diet for our cats.  The food itself supplies the proper enzymes and the cat does not deplete its innate resources.

Dr. Kim Bloomer can be reached at

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Dr. Kim Bloomer

However, when we start out with raw feeding, your cat’s digestive system has not been working correctly.  Therefore, by adding good probiotics and enzymes to the diet.  You help the digestive process work more efficiently until your cat’s body is back up to par.  In an elderly cat that has been kibble or can-fed and vaccinated most of its life.  Using probiotics & enzymes are often necessary to use indefinitely.

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