Improve Your Cats Health With Diet and Supplements (part 1)

By Claude West (Cat Man)

improve your cats health

Healthy Cat

There are several important things a cat owner should do to help improve your cats health.  One of the things I mention is easy and convenient to do.  Before I get into that I would like to ask you several questions.  These relate to what you are currently doing for your cat and whether you would be willing to change.

Improve Your Cats Health and Diet.

improving your cats health

Raw Meaty Bones

First, do you feel that commercial pet food is a proper diet?  Do you think that it provides your cat the full nutrition it needs to stay healthy?  If you said yes then I would like to ask if you want to pay a significant amount of money later?  This will be needed to cover the veterinarian, pharmaceutical, and commercial pet food companies.  The reason is, the food you give it now will cause disease later in life!

Our lifestyle may impact your cats health

Our behavior about what we feed our cats is similar to our fast paced social lifestyle.  Few pet owners are aware of the health dangers from feeding your cat a diet of commercial pet food.  We live in a microwave society that demands convenience, speed, and efficiency in everything we do.  Just because we live in a society of fast food does not mean our pets should be on fast food.

Eating fast food every day will not improve your cats health!improve your cats health, cat food 101, tips on cat food, bad cat food, commercial cat food

Commercial pet foods are like human fast food.  The commercial pet foods do not supply the full amount of quality protein diet your cat requires to keep it healthy.  Certainly will not boost its internal immunity for a longer life.  There is little you can find on the store shelf that is healthy for your cat.  Most are contaminated with overcooked proteins and stuffed with cheap carbohydrates such as corn, wheat, soy and rice.  Further laced with preservatives and artificial colors which cause food allergies and disease.  The only place in the store that meets the cats nutritional requirements  would be at the butcher counter.

Improve your cats health with a raw meat diet

Yes, raw meat and eggs are some of the best protein diet your cat could eat from the store. Frozen whole prey is even better and can be sourced online.  There are a number of companies that specialize in organically raised prey for dogs and cats. Here is a great resource.  Cats are obligate carnivores which to simplify means they are obligated to eat meat.  Meat provides the full nutrition diet they require to sustain their health and immunity in peak performance.

Most of you would not be willing to convert your cat to a raw meat diet because of the convenience of pouring food out of a bag or can and it will cost less than meat.  So the two biggest reasons is convenience and cost and we should also mention concerns of bacteria that could be in the meat from processing and handling.  You are right on all three counts if we just look at the here and now.

Convenience now versus big vet bills later?
toxic cat, start detoxing kitty

Doomsday Pellets

Convenience of canned or bagged pet food I cannot argue that point.  Providing raw meat and or whole prey is less convenient and will require time and effort on your part.  The issue at hand is do you want your cat to be healthy?  In addition, have a longer lifespan than one fed on commercial pet food all its life?

Solid meat that is not ground up has a low bacteria count and the surface of the meat can be quickly sanitized with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.  Food sitting in the bowls for hours will start growing bacteria.   As long as the meat is not ground up, bacteria will not be a significant problem to your cat or others.

Price concerns driving your decision instead of improving your cats health?

Your biggest concern is price.  The question you should be asking is, what will it cost when the cats liver and kidneys start to fail?  Additionally, the trips to the vet because of urinary and bowel problems caused by dried cat food.   Most cat owners leave the dry food out all day so kitty can conveniently munch on.  Problem is the food is loaded with fat and carbohydrates that will cause diabetes over time.  What do you think those vet bills will be like caused by the food you fed your cat?

Sorry to be so blunt but that is the real world picture.  Since most cat owners do not live near open areas that the cat could hunt for its food like its wild cousins, they rely on what you feed them.  I mentioned earlier that there is a way to help your pet that is relatively easy, fast and not expensive.  Probiotic supplements and enzymes will certainly help the cat breakdown the commercial pet food more efficiently causing less stress on the liver and kidneys. Here is a great source of high quality probiotics and enzymes for your pet.

There is no magic wand to improve your cats health but this is a great start!

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