From Kidney Disease to Respectable Health

True Story of Zee Kitty and Her Amazing Journey to Recovery

Blog Interview by Claude West (Catman)
kidney disease respectable health, stem cell therapy, ZeeSteve Munt is Zee’s caregiver and companion and he has done well in the technical arena and had multiple cats in his childhood. What makes Steve unique is his willingness to look outside the box and do whatever it takes for his family and pets. Simply stated this is a prime example of “the all in principle” that we should all conduct and embrace with our own.zee kitty, stem cells, kidney disease, acupuncture, kidney disease respectable health

Zee kitty came into Steve’s life when he saw her in a pet food store up for adoption. Was it love at first sight? Perhaps a reflection of another pet he once had Zee and Steve quickly bonded. After some competition for Zee from other interested parties, Zee was now part of Steve’s family.

Soon after Zee became part of the family she came down with an eye infection. Her veterinarian at the time prescribed oral Metacam (Meloxicam) for pain. One of the unfortunate side effects of this drug is renal failure.  It is unknown if the Metacam caused any kidney damage to Zee.  This is one of many factors that may have impacted her health.  Here is a link to Dr. Karen Becker providing further information on Metacam, click here.
zee kitty, stem cells, kidney disease, acupuncture, kidney disease respectable healthShortly after in the summer of 2014 Zee’s health took a turn for the worse. Zee entered the animal emergency clinic in June.  Her kidney values were bad and she suffered from dehydration. The veterinarian misdiagnosed her with a case of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).  This condition is quite rare and often fatal.  The recommendation was to euthanize her.  Zee has a rare blood type (type B) and her condition requires a transfusion in order to survive.

From kidney disease respectable healthzee kitty, stem cells, kidney disease, acupuncture, kidney disease respectable health

Steve was determined to do whatever it takes to give Zee a chance at life. He reached out to DoveLewis a highly respected animal hospital in Portland, Oregon. They determined that Zee did not have DIC and confirmed she has chronic kidney disease. Her condition was poor and deteriorating.  Even with supporting IV fluids the blood transfusion became imminent.

The hospital only had one kitty with type B blood that had recently donated blood therefore unavailable. They did locate another kitty with type B in the area and the transfusion helped Zee to survive. This was only the beginning of a long battle with a chronic kidney disease respectable health.

zee kitty, stem cells, kidney disease, acupuncture, kidney disease respectable healthZee ended up having to go to several specialists and diagnosed with stage 3-kidney disease and an enlarged heart. The specialist put Zee on Benazepril.  This is used to help regulate blood pressure and slow down progression of chronic kidney disease.
Since after using Benazepril, her blood work is back to normal range.  Steve is certain that the drug helped her get there.  Zee’s prognosis is only two years due to the Stage 3 diagnosis.

Steve found that unacceptable and continued to research what other possible treatments available to help or cure Zee from this condition. His research came upon several possibilities. Kidney transplants at the University of Pennsylvania and stem cell therapy research at the University of Colorado. The experts at Pennsylvania determined that Zee’s health currently did not require a transplant and the stem cell therapy became more realistic.

Stem cells are known to help tissue and organs regenerate.zee kitty, stem cells, kidney disease, acupuncture, kidney disease respectable health

Stem cell therapy is still an experimental treatment for kidney disease. Steve was able to receive approval from the FDA for Zee to receive stem cells from a clinic that specializes in this therapy . This requires removal of fat tissue from Zee’s abdomen to harvest stem cells. The procedure provides additional treatments for her in the future.

After several stem cell treatments, Zee’s bloodwork showed significant improvement and her heart condition is normal. Her energy level is up plus she is gaining weight.  Whether stem cells can effectively repair all of the previous damage to the kidneys is unknown. Considering Zee’s progress, this is very encouraging from kidney disease respectable health.

zee kitty, stem cells, kidney disease, acupuncture, kidney disease respectable healthSteve continues to research to see what else he can do for Zee and interesting enough acupuncture therapy helps patients with kidney ailments. This therapy originates from traditional Chinese medicine and is now becoming more popular in Western holistic practices.

Zee’s monthly acupuncture with a holistic veterinarian and her reactions after treatment are very positive. The combination of stem cell therapy and acupuncture has transformed Zee’s health from kidney disease respectable health. The outlook based on blood work to date has reversed the diagnosis from stage 3 to stage 2.
Currently with Zee’s improving health and attitude, the combined therapy is wonderful. Clinically she is in remission from chronic kidney disease. A kidney transplant is a future option should Zee’s health suddenly deteriorate.

Here are the links to information that Steve researched to help Zee’s health.
Colorado State University Stem Cell Studies
The Biotech Company providing stem cell technology
Online Book on Holistic Veterinary Medicine by Zee’s vet
Info on Kidney Transplants University of Pennsylvania

Treatment recommendations for CKD in cats from IRIS

You can reach out to Steve and Zee on twitter @growingupzee

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