Lament for Journey Lost Kitty

Lament for Journey lost kitty.  Where will she travel and where is she going?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

She came one spring just a handful of kitten, short hair with mottled colors and speckles.

journey, lost kitty, lament for Journey lost kitty

baby Journey

We did not know where you came from or where you were going and thought the name Journey was fitting for you.  Oh, the joys of a kitten watching you grow.  The games you play so full of energy, no fear, and bold.  Yet so loving when you slept with us bringing many tears of joy and injured toes to our life.

As a teen, you could not get enough of life your activity. Just making us dizzy just watching you run, jump, and hide.  What pleasure you brought to your older brother Tomtom.  He was ecstatic to have a playmate for life.  We saw you take him on three times your size.  As a small kitten you were so bold without fear.  There were times where you wore him out, so full of energy so full of life.

You grew to a young adult and what a beauty.  Having sleek dense fur of multi colors with yellow green eyes and a soft voice.  As time went on you became more aloof.  No longer wanting to sleep with us but more intent on protecting your lair with your scent.  Time spent with Tomtom became less and less.  He even spent more time in the front where you lived in the back.

The second act of a mad cat, lament for Journey lost kitty

lament for journey lost kittyThen we had visitors who you did not like.  You felt threatened as if they were going to take you away.  They never intended you any harm.  Certainly would not take you from us or displace you from your home.  So hard to explain to you and vice versa.  They were family we could not refuse but neither would you accept.  So hard to find a common ground that would work for both us. So we decided that you should stay outside the house while we search for a solution.

Fall is here and the nights are cold.   I was wondering how we can resolve these issues before winter’s arrival.  Then came the day before we left for a few days you decided that our differences were irreconcilable.   You left on your own accord before we woke and vanished without a trace or hope.  Journey so dear to our hearts we feel the pain as the days pass with us apart.

Who can feel the pain when you lose a loved one and who can understand the grief that it lament for journey lost kittycauses?  Is there no remedy for the hole in our hearts as the days pass?  We miss not holding you in our arms while stroking your soft fur and listening to your quiet purr, we miss you Journey and want you to come back.   Having reached out to find you and discouraged when not hearing or seeing you in our search.

Finale, Lament for Journey lost kitty

I lament for Journey so sleek with multicolor fur and a soft purr.  Come home, come home we miss you so much and have so much more to learn.  Can we not grow old together and enjoy the moments we share?

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