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Communicating with your cat at an intimate level when you learn animal communication training!

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Learn animal communication training and communicate with your cat.  Do you often find yourself asking the question, “I wonder what kitty is thinking right now?”  There have been numerous times with my cats that I would give a day’s pay to get an answer to that question.  Have you ever wondered if kitty is feeling ok or is hurt?

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Having a friendly conversation!

Cats often hide their pain and this makes it very difficult to see that they may be injured.  Did you know that the number one complaint veterinarian’s have about their clients?   They waited too long before bringing them in for treatment.

Would it be nice to communicate with your cat and know what they are thinking or how they feel?  Animal communication has been in existence for thousands of years.  This ability belonged to spiritual leaders of the community and in later years, people with that ability and their cats faced persecution for practicing witchcraft.  Fact remains that communicating with your cat is a very real possibility.

How would you like to be able to communicate with your cat and other pets in a realistically short period?  Learn animal communication training translates to all animals.  Big and small so if you learn how to communicate with your cat then you could also communicate with a dog or horse!  Using almighty Google will yield multiple pages concerning animal communication and experts in this field.  Before doing that let me give you some background and firsthand experience in animal communication.

Some key notes on how to learn animal communication training

Learn animal communication training is a rather simple process for some and not so for others.  It depend on your attitude and perseverance to accomplish this goal.  Some folks have a knack or natural ability for meditating and entering the correct level of meditative consciousness.   Others and those who do not meditate on a regular basis will find that more time and practice is necessary in learning.  How to properly meditate before animal communication becomes realistic.

I have taken a home study course by Val Heart as well as her beginning weekend training

learn animal communication training, val heart, how to communicate with your cat

Val Heart
Animal Communicator

camp and I fall into the latter group.  It is more time consuming because I am one of those who has never practiced meditation and the closest I have ever been to any alternate state may have been in church praying.  I am still in training so when I can reliably communicate to animals I will certainly let my readers know.

The home study course is very straightforward and purchased online with or without hard copy and CD’s.   I chose the CD because I like to listen in the car while driving but you can download the mp3’s on your iPod.  The workbook is good because I prefer to read paper rather than a computer monitor.   Each section of training has at least one meditation presentation by Val.  This is excellent and has been very helpful in my training.

The learn animal communication training course can be intense!

The weekend training classes included an initial training class, a two-day morning, and afternoon sessions with Val and is very intense.  I enjoyed the association with other classmates and learned by practicing with them and their pets.  Each participant had posted their pet’s picture with a brief introduction and we would try to connect with the animals.  The owner would then listen to us and respond on the accuracy of our readings.

I found the classes very beneficial but since there is so much content, it is difficult for to absorb all of the information.  It is my intention to repeat this class and review the material in the meantime.  The class is available to download for the students or access online from a private link.  This is huge because you can review it as many times as you want and all of that interaction with others is there.

In summary, the purpose is clear.  I want to know what my pets are thinking and how are they feeling.  Now, I can be a proactive helper in their health and they can teach me about their life experiences.  Val refers to animals as little teacher trainers who desire to communicate with us humans daily.  Now is a great time to learn how to communicate with your cat.

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