Microchip Your Cat, Helps for Recovery

Why do you want to microchip your cat?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

microchip your cat , microchip cat recovery

Microchip about the size of rice

Have you ever lost your pet and never found it again?  I have had numerous events where my cats were gone for several days or less.  Fortunately, they all managed to return home.  I have never in the past microchipped my pets.

Times I often wondered about the value of this procedure.  Well it is time for me to get off the fence and pick a side.  Microchip your cat for recovery. There is great value in microchipping your cat should it have opportunities to stray off.

Tomtom and I have a brief video discussion about why you should microchip your cat.

Many holistic healers do not like the procedure.  They consider it invasive and in rare events has caused medical problems and cancer.  The likelihood of any medical problem is minimal.  There are millions of animals are wearing chips without incident.  You need to ask yourself, why not microchip your cat?

A true story why you should microchip your cat:

True story about how a cat who strayed twice and was returned to its owners because it had a microchip.  Porter the cat on the first event ended up several miles away from home across a major freeway.  The person who befriended Porter took him to her veterinarian.  There the chips unique number was identified using a scanner.  The owners were greatly relieved to hear the good news since Porter had been missing for a week.   Porter is very sociable and always cruising the neighborhood introducing himself to everyone.  Their best guess is Porter hopped on a delivery truck and ended up taking a ride across town.

The second event occurred when the owners were out of town for a month.  The neighbor taking care of Porter reported him missing two weeks before their return.  Porter was missing for almost a month before a veterinarian called them.   He said that Porter was living with a family in an upscale neighborhood.  When I spoke with the owners we had a good laugh.  Porter was not only moving on but also moving up.  Should Porter take off again and end up with that family then he will stay there.

Consideration for microchipping:

If you own a cat that is prone to visiting the neighborhood.  Please consider the value a microchip will provide should your cat end up missing.  I have done this with two of my cats who are indoor and outdoor cats.  Chipping a senior cat or a strictly indoor cat may not be necessary.  Save your money for some quality cat food instead.  The cost of chipping a cat runs from $50 to $75 dollars USD.  A veterinarian should perform the procedure. This is considered minor surgery and the placement of the chip is critical.  It takes only a few minutes to place a chip with a large bore needle and often anesthetics are not required.

Added value when you microchip your cat!

Cats are curious creatures and always investigating anything that gives them access.  Open car windows, doors, garage doors and gates are opportunities for their curiosity.  In the case with Porter showing up way across town.  Without the chip it is not likely he would return home.

There is another consideration in addition to microchip your cat.  Provide a visible collar and tag with your phone number.  This will speed up the recovery of the missing pet.

Chips and scanners are not a perfect science and certain scanners can only read certain chips.  There is an effort to standardize the chips and scanners to avoid this issue but make sure to discuss this with your veterinarian if you are considering microchipping your cat.

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