Natural Pest Repellents For Pets

Protect your cat from Fleas, Ticks, and Worms with Natural Pest Repellents for Pets

By: Claude West (Cat Man)

Protecting your pet from common pest is a subject that often comes up in discussions in pet forums and subject to controversy.  This article will explain some of the controversy and provide the natural pest repellents solution.

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Common flea

Pest such as ticks, mosquitoes and fleas exist in nature and around your house.  It is difficult to control if the source is feral animals or your neighbor’s pets.  Pest such as these causes many different kinds of diseases.  They often not recognized until it becomes a problem.  Hence, veterinary practice promotes and bio-pharma makes many kinds of “pest control” medicines. They are for your pet and most these are toxic.

natural pest repellents, ticks, immune system


Side effects from pest control medicines can be worse than the infection.  The EPA has studied and advised on some of these chemicals referred as “spot-on” a topical application to the neck or back of your pet.  The report stated that many pets had mild to severe reactions to the chemicals.  Also stated that there were 44,000 incidents reported in 2008 including 660 deaths.

Even though millions of pets receive treatment with “spot-on” pest control medicine, there is significant risk associated to topical applied chemicals that eventually access the blood and internal organs.

Natural pest repellants:

The question most people face is how to control pests without putting toxic chemicals all over your pets, your home and your yard.  There are several natural pest repellents to control pests on your pets but be careful because what works for dogs may make your cat sick.  Some essential oils are too strong for cats and need to use less and others can be toxic to cats.  I prefer using Natural Flea and Tick Defense.  This product is a combination of natural oil extracts from Brazil and formulated for both dogs and cats so you do not have to worry about concentration.

There is more to protecting your pets from pets than using essential oils, you must do the following to have a successful program:

  • Detox your pet with herbal remedies formulated and ready for your pets click here.
  • Boost your pet’s immunity in two ways.  First, start with a proper specie natural diet for your pet with more info here.  Second, is supplement your pet’s diet with the proper vitamins and antioxidants, click here and provide probiotics with enzymes as you convert your pet away from regular store bought pet food.
  • Groom your pet regularly with the proper brush and inspect your pet from nose to tail for the presence of ticks or fleas.
  • Eliminate standing water where possible outside to reduce mosquito activity.  Check for water in the house gutters, make sure pools and ponds aerate well during the summer months.
  • Keep grass mowed and weeds cut down to reduce harborage for ticks and fleas.
  • Have your pet examined by a veterinarian at least once per year.

This may seem to be many things to do and remember but it is very easy once you start a

natural pest repellents, mosquito, immune system


regular routine.  Your pet will be healthier with natural pest repellents and changes in diet to be more resistant to diseases.

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