Oskar Feral Cat Released

What joy to be free again!

By Claude West (the Cat Man)

Well the big day was today Sunday November 16 and Oskar theoskar feral cat released feral cat now has his freedom.  The school was not opposed to having Oskar return provided I catch his littermate and get it fixed as well.  I was sad and relieved at the same time to see him go back to the school.  Oskar feral cat released.

Keeping Oskar in a cage for over six weeks was not my original plan. Just worked out that way since scheduling veterinary service at the SPCA was limited.  The local SPCA only does feral fixing two days a week and those time slots book quickly. So with great joy Oskar feral cat released.

Last Tuesday I attempted to trap Oskar’s feral sibling to no avail.  This kitty is very cautious and is likely why I lost contact with this kitty for about nine months.  No sooner did I trap Oskar and the sibling showed up.  I know it was always there lurking in its hiding spot.  The kitty did eat the trail of food to the trap but then stopped and did not enter.

This cat is very cautious so I will set up the trap perhaps several days in advance.  Thisoskar feral cat released way kitty will become accustom to it being there.  I will also bait the trap but not set the trigger.  This will acclimate the cat going inside eating and leaving.  This is the best plan for skittish cats.

The earliest time the local SPCA has is January so my TNR activity will cease until then.  I will continue to bring food to the school to help both kitties from straying far.  I would love to see them catch prey but the park is heavily poison baited for rodents.  This means most prey is exposed and dangerous to eat.

Some relief in taking Oskar back is because I do not know how well he and Tomtom would get along.  Tomtom is ruler of this jungle.  So unless Oskar was submissive there would be kitty battles until one leaves and a problem I prefer to avoid.  Applause for Oskar feral cat released!

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