Pet Probiotics and Enzymes for Kitty

Make sure you have pet probiotics and enzymes when you walk out of the pet food store.

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Attention cat lovers, not everything needs to be expensive to work

pet probiotics and enzymes for kitty

A healthy cat

wonders for your pet.  Pet probiotics and enzymes for kitty are not the first things that come to mind for a customer when shopping for pet food.  Though touted by many holistic veterinarians and certified naturopaths, it has only been recently that the commercial pet food manufacturers started adding freeze-dried fungus and bacteria to the dry food.

I do not advocate dry food with or without probiotics except for a snack or dental hygiene from the super-sized kibble.  Here is a list of benefits why you should be giving your pet probiotics and enzymes regardless of age or health conditions.  Keep in mind that you should always consult your veterinarian or naturopath before adding supplements to their diet.

  • Pet Probiotics and Enzymes for kitty cost about 24 cents a day per cat if fed consistently 365 days a year. Likely, less since most will miss some days here and there.
  • Enzymes help your pet utilize the pet food more effectively and facilitate reduction of grain and plant proteins to useable amino acids.
  • Probiotics and enzymes aid in increased digestion of pet food, which means less feces to clean up.
  • Probiotics support your pet’s immune system for improved health, less illness, and a longer life.
  • Probiotics balance microflora in the intestines to reduce toxic byproducts.
  • Pets that are immune compromised or suffering from chronic kidney disease receive added benefit of reduced symptoms when on probiotics and enzymes.

 You can purchase pet probiotics and enzymes from a pet food store but I recommend buy from a company that specializes in this.  NWC Naturals Pet Products primary business is making pet probiotics and enzymes for kitty.  They have the best formulations that give the greatest results for the least amount of money.  Yes, I am an affiliate of theirs but whether you buy through me, someone else or go direct, I encourage you to take this next step for your pet.

Having a bacterial balance in the digestive tract is essential for your cat to maintain its health.  Your cat’s digestive tract ideally has a balanced environment of different types of helpful bacteria.

These microorganisms aid in all aspects of the digestive process, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, fight off bad bacteria that cause infections and illnesses, boost the immune system, promote dental health, and otherwise contribute to your pet’s digestive comfort and good health.  Probiotic strains commonly included in supplements include B. bifidum, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. bulgaricus, and S. thermophilis.

Not all probiotics are the same so it pays to read the label and caution going to the health food store for humans.  Pet probiotics and enzymes for kitty developed for our pets is the best source at the right concentration.  You want a product that has more than one of the beneficial bacteria above and add in with their food.

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