Tips on Pet Safety during Holidays

Do you have lots of decorations for the holidays and have pets? Then you need to read tips on pet safety during holidays.

By Claude West “The Cat Man”

Pet safety during holidays.  This is a pet owner’s concern and should evaluate what those could be. Decorating your house for Christmas is always a challenge for you and your pets.  I am most concerned about cats because they are climbers and can create huge dangers including house fires.  Most pets are well behaved but we must take precautions to reduce risk.

Here are some of the most prevalent dangers that exist for your cat or dog during the holiday:

  • Number one danger is chewing on the electrical cords for Christmas lighting.  Electricity is the greatest hazard for causing injury or death to your pet.  It can also start a fire from exposed wires to combustible materials such as furnishings and decorations.
  • We love our Christmas tree ornaments but cats are tree climbers and ornaments with
    pet safety during holidays

    Holiday dangers

    all of the twinkling lights attract them.  Most of the ball ornaments are made of painted  glass and they will shatter on the floor.  Your cat will risk injury from glass by walking on the splinters and may even swallow some.

  • Should kitty eat some glass the first thing you should do is force cotton balls or some bread soaked in milk down their throat.  This will attach to the glass and cover sharp edges that might stick into the esophagus or intestinal walls.  You should take the cat to the emergency pet center or your veterinarian for evaluation and possible removal of the glass.  A good rule is to put the breakable ornaments up high and unbreakable ornaments down low, or best not use any breakable ornaments.  Tinsel can be swallowed and cause intestinal disorders.

Pay attention to pet dangers during holidays and take note on some of these:

  • Holiday plants such as poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, and lilies are toxic if kitty eats them.  Contact your emergency pet center for advice on initial treatment and get them into the hospital quickly.  Best advice is not having poisonous plants if you have pets that can access them and accidentally try to eat the plants.  24-hour animal poison control hotline is 1-888-426-4435
  • Many folks use a preservative in the tree stand and this is dangerous to your pets.   Whether treated or not the water will have tree sap in it.  Tree sap is very toxic to cats and dogs.  Same advice as the plants.   Call your local emergency pet hospital for initial treatment advice and transport your pet there quickly.  Please cover the tree stand or bucket with towels or blankets at all times.

Some additional concerns on pet safety during holidays:

  • Holiday food goodies are not good for your dog or cat.  Giving your pet a piece of turkey or ham meat is fine in moderation.  Cooked bones make dangerous splinters, and sweets like chocolates are toxic.  Goodies left unattended will injure or kill your pet. Leaving scraps and bones on the counter is a definite danger to your pets .  Please discard leftovers and other food to the recycle or trash dumpster.
  • Please be wary about candles this holiday and never leave candles burning unsupervised.  It only takes seconds for a pet to accidentally knock over a candle.

Your pet may stress out with all of the holiday company and cooking and one good advice is to set up a spare room with the food, water, and litter box for indoor pets.  Having a safe place for your dog or cat during the holidays will help control its behavior.  Remember, pet safety during the holidays is a must.

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