Protect Garden from Cats

How to protect garden from cats digging and pooping!

By Claude West (The Cat Man)protect garden from cats

Summer and winter gardens bring us many types of vegetables and unfortunately any and all of the neighborhood cats.  How can kitty resist freshly turned soil since it smells so yummy and easy to dig a hole and poop or pee.  Yes, this can be a problem for several reasons.

Protect garden from cats:

Cat poop does contain enteric bacteria that can be absorbed by the plant and actually be present in the fruit or vegetables.  Pooping in the garden can also end up with surface contamination to low growing fruits and vegetables exposed to the contaminated soil.  Always wash and sanitize your veggies before eating them raw.

This is what I have done with my garden:

I have some suggestions and have some videos from other gardeners with their ideas on how to protect garden from cats.

Tips on how to protect garden from cats

  • Red pepper powder will be a deterrent but is only a temporary remedy and I prefer systems that work from start to harvest.
  • Netting or chicken wire is great by making a low fence to protect the perimeter around your garden bed.  This also works with individual plants depending on your layout.
  • Unbelievable but true, plastic forks with the stem buried so the prongs of the fork are above ground level.  Cats hate sharp edges and uneven surfaces and this will keep cats out of your garden.

Additional tips on protect garden from cats:

  • My favorite tip is filler using low growing plants mixed in with taller plants filling in all of the spaces.  This blocks access and only the most aggressive cat would try to access that area.  I grow tomatoes with basil and marigolds and other low growing vegetables such as squash to cover the soil and provide a wonderful harvest
    protect garden from cats

    Scarecrow device


  • Another device I use on a limited basis is called “ScareCrow” that is a motion detector spray head hooked to your garden hose.  I find that this works best for daytime but night may be hit or miss unless the detector is heat sensitive as well.  It is my favorite device for stopping the neighborhood dogs and cats from pooping on my front lawn.

    protect garden from cats

    SssCat device

  • Ssscat is another product that shoots compressed gas that makes a loud noise and is motion triggered.  This will work at night as well because its placement has to be next to the area you want to protect.  A larger area needs more than one unit to keep cats out of your garden.
Additional videos on protect garden from cats:

Love to hear back about your methods and what works please give me your feedback on the video content, good or bad.  Below are several video presentations using a variety of methods including jugs of water that somehow repel cats?  Guess I now know what my neighbor is doing with all of those bottles filled with water scattered around their plants.

This first video about how to keep cats out of your garden addresses some commercially available repellents.  I am not that great of a fan because I do not know how toxic the products may be:

This next video is a lady who uses water and netting as a deterrent to keep cats out of your garden:

Last is the unusual water bottle technique:

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