Remedies for Cat Urinary Tract Infection

Top Home Remedies for Treating a Cat Urinary Tract Infection

By Claude West “The Cat Man”

remedies for cat urinary tract infection, feline herbal remedy

Natural Herbal Remedies

As a pet owner, you can usually tell when something is wrong with your cat.  Changes in diet, activity, behavior and sleep patterns can all be signs that your cat is having health issues; these changes also play a key role in figuring out what the problem is.  This means that if your cat is acting different, and you suspect a cat urinary tract infection, you’ve probably noticed things like:


  • Obvious pain when urinating, including crying when urinating

    remedies for cat urinary tract infection

    Herbal Remedies for UTI

  • Blood in the urine, small amounts of urine, or no urine at all
  • Excessive grooming of genitals
  • Urinating outside the litter box
  • Spotted urine in the box like raindrops
  • Starts spraying or a puddle away from the litter box

Remedies for Cat Urinary Tract Infection

If you have noticed that your cat is showing these behaviors, then he or she most likely has a cat urinary tract infection, and needs treatment.  There are two options for treatment – you can take your cat to the veterinarian and get him or her on medication, or you can use a home remedy.  If you are on a budget and your cat’s UTI (urinary tract infection) does not seem too bad, then you may want to try home remedies for cats before going to the veterinarian.

Remedies for Cat Urinary Tract Infection

  1. Store bought remedies.  Medications such as Better Bladder Control and UTI Free are available to purchase from pet stores for treating cat urinary tract infections, and are both safe and effective.  Blog Update: a very important addition is using d-mannose a simple sugar that inhibits bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall.  Works quickly and can be added to their food or water.
  2. Home remedies.  Cranberry juice is effective at treating cat urinary tract infections because it stops bacteria from sticking to the lining of the bladder.  Vitamin C is also effective at treating cat urinary tract infections because it strengthens the lining of the bladder and has anti-inflammatory properties. Additional Remedies for Cat Urinary Tract Infection:
  3. Prevention.  When treating urinary tract infections it is important to make lifestyle changes to make sure it does not happen again.  This includes encouraging hygiene by providing more than one litter box, keeping all litter boxes clean, making sure your cat gets enough exercise, and always providing bottled water.  Bottled water is free of chlorine and fluoride that can be toxic to cats over time.
  4. Provide a healthy diet.  Urine pH changes from your cat’s diet and with certain foods can give your cat’s urine high and unsafe pH levels.  High pH levels lead to urinary tract infections.  To avoid this, feed your cat a well-balanced diet and do not allow him or her constant access to food.  Stop feeding your cat dried food because it is one of the reasons your cat has urinary tract infections.  You can try feeding your cat foods that support urinary tract health.  Pro Plan, Purina and Nine Lives are just three of the many brands of cat food that sell cat food that support urinary health.
Several more recommendations for Remedies for Cat Urinary Tract Infection

My best recommendation is to convert your cat from commercial pet foods to natural whole raw foods.  Here is my recommended site that carries both dehydrated and frozen raw foods (click here to visit).  This site has over 1000 products for cats and dogs.

You should always check with your professional pet caregiver as to treatments and dosages for your animal.  I always like to buy standardized tonics so I do not have to worry about giving it too much at one time.  Here is a site that I recommend for herbal tonics for most any ailment your cat has (click here).  Professional web sites are addressing home care and remedies including the site WebMD for pets.

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