Remedies Reducing Holiday Pet Stress

Does your cat or dog become anxious or stressed due to Fourth of July fireworks?  Use Remedies Reducing Holiday Pet Stress before the action begins.

By Claude West (The Cat Man)

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I call it de-stressing or mellowing out your cat or dog.  Using remedies reducing holiday pet stress before the early bird neighbor starts setting off the firecrackers and bottle rockets. The reason to prepare ahead makes it far easier to control your cat or dogs stress levels when the action begins. One of the first things you should do if your cat or dog is either indoor/outdoor or outdoor is to consider keeping them inside at night for a week. I know it is a hassle but for cats, but it becomes necessary. Once your cat stresses out it may continue running for cover away from your home. There are many reports of lost cats after the fireworks.

Some remedies reducing holiday pet stress:

Providing a safe environment may be enough to help your cat or dog but mine do require a bit more. I have been using a natural product that reduces stress and anxiety. PetCalmTM sold online and produced in a FDA approved manufacturing facility. This product does not make your pet sleepy but does make them relaxed and mellower. I have one cat that is quite high strung and giving her 4 to 6 granules in her food makes a difference.

There are other products designed for stress and anxiety that are natural and quite good. Flower essences are safe and provide a general “feel good” emotional energy for your cat and dog. Add drops directly to the pet’s mouth, water bowl, and fur. Flower essences are very mild but quite effective.

Herbal Formulas are another great option that tends to work over a longer period than homeopathic remedies or flower essences. Since the effects of herbal formulas last longer, you can keep your cat or dog relaxed for an extended time with little interruption of the benefits. Herbal remedies are one way to reduce any sudden “spikes” of stress and create a sustained, relaxed feeling.

Considerations on remedies reducing holiday pet stress:

Treating a rational anxiety.  Such as fear of loud explosions or thunderstorms may require some testing.  Do this to find the best control. Consider combining two or more products before the fireworks begin for maximum effect. By reducing your pet’s stress during the holiday brings long-term benefits to both of you.  The same methods are great whenever your pet gets stressed or anxious.

Here is your action plan: be proactive and start the de-stressing process several days before the holiday! So purchase your remedies reducing holiday pet stress now so you can be ready in time!

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