3 Easy Steps Replacing Carpet On Cat Furniture

Whether you build your own cat furniture or purchase it.  There will be a time when the carpet needs to be replaced.  3 Easy Steps Replacing Carpet On Cat Furniture.  Plus the tools necessary to do the job.

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Step 1 of replacing the carpet cat furniture is the demolition or removal of the old carpet. 

Three tools are essential for this removal.  First is a claw hammer, second is a baseboard removal tool, and third is a razor knife.  These tools are usually in your home or can be purchased at any hardware store.

replacing carpet cat furniture

Tools needed: Claw Hammer, Razor Knife, Baseboard Trim Puller

The series of photos demonstrate the procedure for removal of the carpet and the first area to do this is the main post(s).   Carpeting the post is usually the last step in cat condo or tree building because it will cover up brackets and bracing for the multiple platforms in a cat condo or tree.  If the brackets and bracing are external and visible then the platforms will need to be removed from the posts first.



replacing carpet cat furniture

First cut the old carpet with razor knife

Remove carpet in full sections and retain the old carpet to use as a template for the new carpet.

replacing carpet cat furniture

Next remove nails/staples with baseboard tool.

replacing carpet cat furniture

After carpet removal, use old carpet for template for new carpet.

Replacing carpet cat furniture:

Step 2 of replacing carpet cat furniture is to measure the platform dimensions both top and bottom.  Add a couple of inches extra which the excess can be removed later or overlapped. 

It is easier to deal with extra than too short to cover.  Begin with the top platform(s) and base then cover the post(s) last.  Key in cutting the carpet is to turn it over upside down and measure and mark with a felt pen.

Quick tip: replacing carpet cat furniture

If you are successful in removing full sections of carpet.  Just lay the old carpet on top of the new carpet (both face down so you can trace outline with a felt marker.  This eliminates the need to measure each piece!

repairing carpet cat furniture

Measure and mark back side of carpet.

I find the webbing on the back to be very consistent so I will measure then draw the felt pen on that webbing.  You can cut each piece individually depending on the size of your carpet remnant. 

If you can use the same measurement for several pieces that is best because you just make one long cut with the razor knife and that leaves a good even edge for later pieces to be cut from the roll of carpet.  I like to be conservative and reduce the amount of scrap by cutting for more than one piece with same or similar dimensions.

Finally replacing carpet cat furniture:

Third step is reapplying the new carpet to the frame.  There are a number of ways to do this.  I prefer the time and effort saving overlapping the carpet around the posts or sides so I do not have to be perfect in the cutting or measuring.  Also, this learned from experience is to place staples and nails in moderation.  It is easier to strip a cat condo or tree down when there are fewer nails to pull.

replacing carpet cat furniture

Staple new carpet to top platform first then others from top to bottom.

replacing carpet cat furniture

Carpet lower platforms last.

replacing carpet cat furniture

Wrap posts last

Overlapping and fewer nails leave a more amateurish look but I save a ton of time and aggravation.  Your cat will never care as to how perfect your cut was or how well you nailed it to the frame. 

So my replacing carpet on the cat furniture is less than perfect but my cats think it is perfect and that is what counts.

Note the wrap on the posts was overlapped and I used fewer nails than last time.  Next time I am replacing carpet on the cat furniture, the job will be quicker and even more easy to do.

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