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Tips About Start Detoxing Kitty!

By Claude West (Cat Man)

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Diet is definitely an important part of any detox program, be it for you or your favorite pet. This is because many of the foods that our pets and we eat contain chemicals and ingredients that are toxic to our bodies. With commercial pet food, toxins in the food will cause more damage to your pet’s health. Time to start detoxing kitty!

This is because pets are smaller than we are, and their organs have to work a lot harder to get rid of toxins. It is important to detox your pet if you want it to live a long life. Still, one of the things that people often forget about detoxing any animal is that diet is part of the solution.

Diet Detox – The First Steps to Start Detoxing Kitty

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Doomsday Pellets

It is true; however, that diet will count for a major part of your pet’s detox. If you do not stop most toxins from entering your pet’s body then you are not able to get rid of the toxin build up. The first thing that you are going to need to do is to wean your pet off commercial pet food.

Commercial pet food has a slew of ingredients that take a major toll on a pet’s digestive system, including ingredients like diseased animals, road kill, and fillers that actually are not quality protein for a cat.

Food is a start, but don’t forget that your pet regularly ingests water. The tap water that comes out of your faucet likely has toxins.  Fluorine and Chlorine are extremely toxic to small animals. You need to purify and filter your water.  Your pet may be taking in fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals. These elements build up over time an cause long term health problems.  Because a cat is so much smaller than humans are they are more susceptible to these chemical toxins.

Just Like Humans, Animals Need To Get Rid Of Their Toxins

Animals and humans both get rid of toxins the same ways – through their body’s naturally occurring functions. Skin, muscle tissue, and fat trap the toxins and will only be removed through exercise.  The easiest way to get your pet detoxed is to help them sweat out the toxins. Engage your pet in an hour or so of play a day.

Simple steps to start detoxing kitty:

Another major method of toxin elimination comes in the form of your digestive system. Unfortunately, even the most active animal cannot get rid of the toxins that get stored in their bodies through digestion. With small animals, the amount of toxins they get from food often gets stored in their livers, kidneys, and sometimes even in their intestinal tract. Without help, those toxins will never get out. Both humans and pets alike occasionally will need a boost from herbs and nutraceuticals that kick the digestive system into overdrive.

It is also a very good idea to get liver support supplies for your pet while they undergo detox. Detoxing will put the liver under a lot of strain due to the amount of elimination that occurs. This also applies to the pet’s kidneys. There are some very effective herbal tonics available from quality online herbal stores.

You Need To Avoid Toxins Outside Of Food, Too

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Toxic House Chemicals

Food is not the only source of toxins. You will need to make sure that your pet avoids chemicals that you often use. This includes outdoor pollution, chemical cleaners, flea products, and even pet shampoos. As a basic rule, if you think that a chemical or product is not healthy for you, then it is not healthy for your detoxing pet. Learning more about detoxing your pet can help you prevent an early pet death, and it can make your pet’s detox a lot more effective.

Information to Detox Your Cat or Dog

Google is a great place to start and find out what others are doing and to learn what is available out there.   We must all do some research and after you have a general idea on what to do then I recommend you hire a veterinarian naturopath or similar holistic expert who will provide you with specific remedies and dosages for a small animal.  They will also give you tips on what to change in your home in order to provide a safe environment to all living there.  I highly recommend Dr. Kim Bloomer (I too am a client of her’s) and you can click here to contact her.

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