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Cat Exercise, Is Kitty Getting Daily Exercise?

By Claude West (Cat Man

Did you get your cat when it was a kitten?  Do you remember all of the time you spent playing with them?  Even if your cat was an adult when it adopted you.  He or she must have had many moments of play getting good cat exercise.  I find myself drifting away from that time spent like most folks.  We have more reasons why we can’t than Baskin Robbins has flavors.

Failure to provide cat exercise:

These reasons will cost you and your cat’s health over time.  When your kitty becomes a senior, (over 12 years of age), then the lack of a steady and dependable cat exercise routine will cause problems:

  • Obesity
  • Muscle degeneration
  • Calcium depletion in the bones
  • Earlier onset of arthritis
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • And much more

The cost of not exercising your cat:

cat exercise, cat diet, obesity in cats

Obese Cat

The list goes on and on and you will be paying more and more veterinary bills.  There is no guarantee that your cat will not suffer having an illness with daily cat exercise.  Still there is a greater chance it will remain healthier even in its senior years.

Experts in cat health recommend that we owners spend at least 30 minutes a day playing with our cat(s) in such a way that they get a good aerobic exercise.  I love the “kitty teaser” as one of the best tools for generating the level of play that will benefit your cat.  A kitty teaser is a pole with a string and toy or feather attached on the other end.  Similar to a fishing pole.

Kitty teaser is a great way to get cat exercise!

Using the kitty teaser also allows more than one cat to play and exercise.  Depending on your cat’s attitude, you may have to play with them separately.  Alternating one at a time for 5 minutes.  My next favorite tool is a long rope.  At least a yard in length, thick cotton or leather string that I can attach a ball or some other toy.  This tool is similar to the teaser but is less bulky and easier to handle for indoor use.

Be careful when using feathers or tinsels because kitty may try to eat it and choke.  Keep these toys in a safe area after using so kitty cannot access when you are away.  I also warn cat owners about golf tees, pens, pencils, rubber bands, and wire or plastic bag ties can be dangerous.  There are reports of choking and worse so use only under constant supervision.

Veterinarians are reporting more unhealthy cats than before:

The more you exercise your cat the better off it will be.  The experts did mention that doing two thirty minute sessions daily would provide even more benefit to your cat.  Cat owners tend to think that cats are to independent.  Thus having this kind of interaction is unwarranted or not needed.  The experts indicate that most cats, especially indoor cats, are not getting nearly enough exercise.  Veterinarians are seeing a trend of more unhealthy senior cats than 20 years ago and relate this to both bad diet and lack of exercise.

OMG diet and cat exercise have a relationship?

You thought you could go through a whole blog without “cat man” referring to diet as “king” for a healthy cat.  Without the proper diet, your cat will suffer disease sooner regardless of cat exercise.  A natural balanced diet is a significant part of the healthy cat requirement and well exercised cat is the other part.  Please get your cats off the dry cat food.  Avoid leaving food out all day and night.  Portion control may be required if your cat is obese.  This website has many blogs on the proper diet for cats and how to transition your cat to a raw diet.

What has your doctor has been telling you to do?  Yes, eat right and get plenty of exercise! This goes for your cats and dogs.  I also believe that more interaction with your pets makes for healthier pet behavior around people.  This becomes a “win win” situation for all.

 Thanks for reading Tips About Cat Exercise!

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