Toxic Cat, How Toxins Affect Kitty

Tips About Cats – Chemical and Environmental Toxins make for a Toxic Cat

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Toxins are everywhere affecting you and making kitty a toxic cat.  If you have ever spoken to a homeopathic practitioner, you know how much damage these invisible chemicals can do to you. What you may not have realized, however, is that these same toxins can affect your pet. In fact, toxins affect your pet in a much more profound way than they affect you. This article will tell you all about the different toxins that could be affecting your pet, where they come from, and some of the steps you can take to make sure that your pet lives a long, healthy, happy life.

Where Do Toxins Come From? – Your Toxic Enemies

Toxic Cat because toxins are everywhere in our modern environment, and it is technically impossible to avoid all of them. However, there are certain places that they are more common than others are. When it comes to pet care, one of the biggest perpetrators of the toxic burden that pets experience comes from the commercial pet food industry. Eating toxins is the easiest way to get toxins in your system, and sadly, most pet food has them.

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Ethoxyquin is a carcinogen

Some of the ingredients, such as corn fillers, are relatively innocuous. Others, such as bone meal, are definitely toxic and avoid at all costs. Bone meal made from the parts of animals not for human consumption. By-products are not much better. Sometimes, the animals included euthanized animals – including horses, chickens, cows, dogs, and cats. With some cases, there have even been reports of the animals’ flea collars ending up in bone meal. Along with bone meal, and by-products, chemical preservatives are carcinogenic to pets.

Another major entryway of toxins in pets is through their lungs. If you use a lot of detergents, aerosol air fresheners, perfumes, or laundry products, your pet is probably inhaling chemical poisons that could be harming your furry friend. Some of the ingredients link to cancer in people, so you can bet that they link to cancer in pets, too.

Pollution is another major source of toxins. Your pet might be inhaling exhaust fumes from the local traffic, playing in pesticide-laden grass, or even just licking residue from the streets off their paw – it all has toxins. Sometimes, the toxins form in the animal’s body. Such is the case with ammonia.

Why Are Toxins So Terrible?

Pets are small creatures. Cats and dogs do not have the same digestive systems as we do, and they cannot metabolize toxins as easily as we can. As a result, the toxic chemicals that are in their bodies are more dangerous. Either way, large amounts of toxins affect animals and humans in the same way.

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Doomsday Pellets

Large percentages of toxic chemicals found in our environment, as well as in pet food, are carcinogenic. Carcinogenic chemicals are chemicals linked to cancer and tumor growth promotion. This can obviously lead to a shorter life for both you and your beloved pet.

Others can actually cause obesity, heart problems, and stroke. This is because certain toxins harden fat, and make it more difficult to lose weight and lower cholesterol. These toxins can include arsenic, preservatives, and certain pesticides.

Still more can cause birth defects, and those are teratogens. If your pets are pregnant, it is important to make sure that you limit their exposure to toxins.

Important next step to help your toxic cat!

The best thing that you can do for your pet is to make an effort to limit their exposure to toxins. You can start by changing their diets for the better, and by avoiding chemicals linked to illness. You can also help them get rid of their toxins by putting them in a detox program. Talking to a certified veterinary naturopath or holistic veterinarian can teach you volumes about what to expect when detoxing your toxic cat.
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