Cat’s Number One Health Tip

The Cat Man and TomTom give you the #1 health tip video to have a long living healthy cat!

Now that you have the cat’s number one health tip here are some links to blogs that are relevant to maintain a healthy cat with fewer visits to the vet clinic.

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Senior Cat Health Care Challenges

Senior Cat Care Challenges tips -part 2

By Claude West (Cat Man)senior cat health needs, Senior Cat Health Care Challenges

In part one, this blog covered why diet is so important for your senior cat. It also covered the concerns of comfort from arthritis and weather conditions.  In this blog, we will look at two of the most common feline diseases plus preventative measures.

Senior Cat Health Care Challenges: the number one condition is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

Most senior cats will have some degree of kidney disease unless you perform some preventative actions discussed in another blog. You should read my best tips to prevent kidney disease in cats before the disease starts. When cats advance in age, some of the first symptoms are increase drinking and urination.  The tissues of the kidney scar reducing its ability to balance minerals in the blood, remove toxins and absorb water. Senior Cat Health Care Challenges

The cat will lose weight and muscle mass during the progression of the disease.  Dehydration is also part of the process since they start losing their appetites and output exceeds the input.  Keeping your cat well hydrated is very important during the progression of kidney disease. This is done by IV with either normal saline solution or lactated ringer’s solution. Most veterinarians recommend special diets with reduced protein in an effort to reduce phosphorus intake to the body. 

Phosphorus is a mineral found in your bones.  Along with calcium, phosphorus helps for building healthy strong bones, as well as keeping other parts of your body healthy. Normal working kidneys can remove extra phosphorus in your blood.  With Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) the kidneys do not remove phosphorus very well.

Senior Cat health care challenges: understand that an appropriate diet is best for your cat:

High phosphorus levels are toxic and can cause damage parts of the body.  Extra phosphorus in the blood will remove calcium out of the bones making them weak. High phosphorus and calcium levels in the blood can lead to dangerous calcium deposits in blood vessels, lungs, eyes, and heart.  

I am not a big fan of prescription kidney diets since the sources of protein are poor. This will put more strain on the kidneys causing further failure.  The best plan is a high quality protein diet and mix in a phosphorus binder.  You can add the binder with wet food to tie up the phosphorus that naturally occurs in meat.  

Binders are available from online stores, your veterinarian, and some health food stores.  Reducing the protein in the cat’s diet will only cause more problems.  The body will start breaking down muscle tissue to get the needed protein.  This creates further weight and muscle mass loss.  In taking care of your senior cat feeding them a wet meaty protein diet far outweighs low phosphorus diets.

If you really want to nail it, convert your kitty to a raw diet.  Most cats initially resist since they have imprinted the food you feed them as what they should eat.  Time and patience to convert to a different diet is required. Here is a link to my blog with tips about a raw diet.

Chronic kidney disease has no simple cure.  Kidney transplants are available but only to the best candidates since it is major surgery.  Often with kidney diseases, the treatments may cause other problems making it difficult to choose the right course.  You will need to plan on regular checkups with your veterinarian so they can monitor the progress of this disease with blood and urine analysis. 

Senior Cat Health Care Challenges:

I recommend keeping your cat very hydrated with wet canned foods and raw meaty bones.  You should give your cat the proper supplements that support the immune system and the kidneys.  Here is my recommended list of quality online stores found on my website.  They have formulas for cats that give you the correct dosage levels.  Your veterinarian or a certified animal naturopath should be involved with this process because other medications may not mix or perform well with the herbal supplements.

Senior Cat Health Care Challenges:Senior Cat Health Care Challenges

Dental Disease

This is one of the most prevalent reasons pets go to see the veterinarian.  After the age of three gingivitis begins to cause many oral problems.  Most cats fed a dry food high in carbohydrates will suffer poor oral health.  Your ideal meal to help a cat’s oral health is eating raw meaty bones. 

The crunching of raw bones causes a scraping action in their mouth and helps reduce tartar and plaque.  Consider brushing kitty’s teeth daily using enzymatic toothpaste designed for cats.  Another option is having the veterinarian do a thorough cleaning.  This is an expensive process requiring general anesthesia just like a surgery patient. 

Applying organic coconut oil can help reduce oral bacteria that cause gingivitis.  You can use gauze or a Q-tip to apply along the gum lines of kitty’s mouth.  Having a helper when doing this is a good idea because cats are so defensive about this process.

Gingivitis can cause disease in many other organs and it only makes sense to include at least two yearly wellness checkups with your veterinarian.  The older the cat the more important it is to have these examinations done more often than once a year.  A senior cat is any cat that is twelve years of age or older.

Senior Cat Health Care Challenges

Because the topic of taking care of your senior cat is large there is a sequel to this article. Reprint requirements: Article reprinted in its entirety without alterations.  Author and source required with the about cats, claude west, cat man,

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Senior Cat Health Care Needs – Part 1

Tips about Senior Cat Health Care 

By Claude West (Cat Man)senior cat health care needs

Seems like they were juveniles just yesterday terrorizing the house and yard.  Now you have this feeling of dread as signs of old age set in.  Yes, it is a desperate feeling that we have no control over.  We need to adjust our mindset to the reality that this is a part of life.  So sad but so real.  I ask you, what are you going to do about it?  You not the cat, please!  Ignoring the reality and situation will not make it better or go away. 

So many people give up on their geriatric pets because it is no longer convenient to them.  What we need to do most is provide them with great nutrition, supplements, and love in their last years.  I blog about cats not humans. What I can say is you have a responsibility to your senior.  Just as much as when they were young.

“Rather than becoming anxious about our companion’s declining abilities.  We can become proactive in preventing or delaying the onset of age-related disease.  Also adjust our interactions with them.  Rather than becoming frustrated by their lack of hearing, poor eyesight or other disabilities.  Adjusting our expectations reduces stress for both guardian and companion.”~ Dr. Larry Seigler

Continue reading

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Remedies for Cat Urinary Tract Infection

Top Home Remedies for Treating a Cat Urinary Tract Infection

By Claude West “The Cat Man”

remedies for cat urinary tract infection, feline herbal remedy

Natural Herbal Remedies

As a pet owner, you can usually tell when something is wrong with your cat.  Changes in diet, activity, behavior and sleep patterns can all be signs that your cat is having health issues; these changes also play a key role in figuring out what the problem is.  This means that if your cat is acting different, and you suspect a cat urinary tract infection, you’ve probably noticed things like:


  • Obvious pain when urinating, including crying when urinating

    remedies for cat urinary tract infection

    Herbal Remedies for UTI

  • Blood in the urine, small amounts of urine, or no urine at all
  • Excessive grooming of genitals
  • Urinating outside the litter box
  • Spotted urine in the box like raindrops
  • Starts spraying or a puddle away from the litter box Continue reading
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Dealing with Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

By Claude West (Cat Man)

dealing with chronic kidney disease in catsDealing with chronic kidney disease in cats begins with understanding the nature and habits of cats.  In addition, you also need to understand their nutrition requirements.  Sadly processed food in a bag or can fall short of a cat’s needs.

Let us begin with the nature of cats.  Cats are natural hunters who derive most of their dietary needs from eating its prey whole.  That means skin, bones, blood, meat and organs.  This diet provides not only the nutrition needs but also the water.  Cats are not notorious drinkers.  Their mouths and tongue design makes it difficult to drink water like other animals.  Drinking large volumes of water or a diet with moisture exceeding 65%, helps avoid chronic kidney disease! Continue reading

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Feline Urinary Tract Disease

Is your cat suffering from repeated feline urinary tract disease?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

I have noticed that on several occasions persons are searching my site for feline urinary tract disease or infections.  This an issue that connects to the main emphasis of this website.  Control of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is through proper diet and hydration.

#1 tip for reducing feline urinary tract disease:

I blog about diet and hydration in an effort to have you stop feeding your cat mostly dry

fat cat, obese cat, cat exercise, proper diet, feline urinary tract disease

Limit or eliminate dry food

cat food.  I tweet this fact daily to all cat owners and lovers that dry cat food produces concentrated urine that causes urinary problems in cats.  Long-term use of dry cat food will stress the kidneys to failure.  Hence, the name “Doomsday Pellets” referring to all forms of dry cat food.

My earlier blogs referred to the use of dry cat food as a microwave society convenience item for us.  To quickly perform the duty of “feeding your cat” and were we not trained to do that from our parents? It is never too late to change this bad habit. Continue reading

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Eleven Warm Weather Dangers to Cats

Summertime does bring a variety of dangers that you as a cat owner/lover be aware of them! Here are eleven warm weather dangers to cats! Brief note that leaving children and pets in your car during warm weather is hazardous to their health!

By Claude West (The Cat Man)

Here is a list of eleven warm weather dangers to cats and note that some of these can be year round.

eleven warm weather dangers to cats, foxtail


  • ·        Foxtail weeds brought by spring rains known to cause skin infections and can be lethal if swallowed.
  • ·        Open windows in high-rise apartments and condominiums where kitty may first learn to fly (or not).  Make sure your windows have secure screens and keep patio doors shut unless you are there to supervise.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats, black widow

    black widow

  • ·       Black widow spiders are starting to populate in bushes and shrubs where kitty likes to hang out.
  • ·        Toxic topical medications made for other animals are deadly to cats. Consult your veterinarian about the proper cat medications.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats, mosquito, natural pest repellents, mosquito, immune system


  • ·        Mosquito season is in full force and some are carriers of heartworm that causes severe respiratory problems in kitty (check out my blog for more detail on heartworm).  Even indoor cats are not safe because mosquitos are quite invasive.  Consult a veterinarian or certified naturopath on methods of treatment.  I prefer natural treatments but note that there are some natural products that are toxic to cats so consult an expert and be safe.
  • ·        Warm weather brings out all of the critters and feral cats roam large territories.  Catfights with critters and other cats will have injuries that become infected.  Abscesses will form and require medical treatment from a veterinarian.

In addition are year round dangers to pets.

  • ·        First, poisoning from chemicals and rodenticides that others are applying around their property (check out my blog about home toxins).  In addition, many cats love to eat plants, and some of those are toxic.  Check online with the ASPCA list of toxic houseplants to pets.
  • ·        Second, cats that get little exercise and sleep all day and night will become obese and run the risk of diabetes.  This is so typical for cats whose owners leave dry cat food out on a twenty-four hour – seven-day feeding schedule.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats,bad cat food, dangerous cat food, commercial cat food, toxic chemicals

    Doomsday Pellets

  • ·       Third, not feeding your cat a proper wet diet will cause many diseases over time.  Dry kibble is mostly fat and carbohydrates with only 10% moisture. (Oh no, do not get me started on this subject)!
  • ·        Another note that flea and tick season is year round but more abundant in warmer months.  Again, consult an expert on proper treatment for your cat.  A flea comb is useful to determine if you cat has fleas.

    eleven warm weather dangers to cats, rattlesnake


  • ·        Last, living in rural areas have to consider dangers of wild animals such as rattlesnakes and coyotes that roam further in search of prey during hot summer months.Finally, now is a good time to take a look around the house and identify dangers to your cat before anything happens. Eleven warm weather dangers to cats.

Reprint requirements: Article reprinted in its entirety without alterations.  Author and source required with the about cats, claude west, cat man,

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Remedies Reducing Holiday Pet Stress

Does your cat or dog become anxious or stressed due to Fourth of July fireworks?  Use Remedies Reducing Holiday Pet Stress before the action begins.

By Claude West (The Cat Man)

holiday stress for cats, remedies reducing holiday pet stress

stress free

I call it de-stressing or mellowing out your cat or dog.  Using remedies reducing holiday pet stress before the early bird neighbor starts setting off the firecrackers and bottle rockets. The reason to prepare ahead makes it far easier to control your cat or dogs stress levels when the action begins. One of the first things you should do if your cat or dog is either indoor/outdoor or outdoor is to consider keeping them inside at night for a week. I know it is a hassle but for cats, but it becomes necessary. Once your cat stresses out it may continue running for cover away from your home. There are many reports of lost cats after the fireworks. Continue reading

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Eliminate Fleas from Pets and Home

Flea season is year round and checking your pets is necessary before fleas spread throughout the house.

By Claude West (Cat Man)

fleas and your cat, cat fleas

flea bites and allergic reactions

Fleas are difficult to get rid of once they contaminate the house and your pets.  It is best to mount a defensive barrier against fleas starting with your cat or dog.  An adult female flea can produce thousands of eggs in its life span of approximately 1.5 years.  Just one female flea can produce total hell in your home.

Flea Dangers:

Not all fleas are dangerous but like gambling the chances are greater for disease if no proactive plan is in place to correct the problem.  Fleas are carriers of many diseases such as tapeworm, bubonic plague, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and typhus. Their bite can cause an allergic reaction that can manifest to a nasty skin disorder on you and your pet.  Feeding them a specie specific natural diet increases resistance to flea diseases due to a stronger immune system. Continue reading

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Cats

Why it is inflammatory bowel disease difficult to diagnose and treat?

By Claude West (The Cat Man)

You just got a call from the vet about your cats blood work.  They suspect your kitty isinflammatory bowel disease in cats, intestinal disease, intestinal allergies suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.   Getting your vet to tell you what it is can be difficult to understand.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease may result from more than one condition and is difficult to resolve.  Just when you least expect it your cat starts to vomit and have diarrhea frequently.  Well this is not good!  The vet just sold you a 20-day supply of antibiotics and now your cat seems worse off than before.

The medical description of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

First, there are many reasons why your cat is suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This disease mirrors many other disorders and not well described in the Merck Manual or by your veterinarian.  “Idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease is actually a group of digestive system diseases.  They are recognized by certain persistent signs and by inflammation without a known cause. The various forms of inflammatory bowel disease are classified by location in the body and type of cell involved.” Continue reading

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Cat Allergies from Internal and External Sources

Cat allergies can be from many internal and external issues. Does your cat itch itself more than normal?

By Claude West (The Cat Man)

Cat allergies are similar to human allergies.

There are many reasons why a cat will all of a sudden begin to itch more than normal andcat allergies, actually start to pull its fur out. The first thing all cat owners should do is start a journal and think back to just before the itching event and describe how your cat was before and how it is now. Is it having runny nose, sneezing, or discharge from the eyes or ear infections? The main reason for doing a journal is to help you chart the changes to your cat and this information will assist your veterinarian in making a proper diagnosis. Continue reading

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