About me:

Hello, my name is Claude West “The Cat Man” and I have 30 years of raising cats and have studied their personalities and quirks.  I made a commitment to provide readers with quality information and ideas for your cat’s health, supplements, behavior and diet.  I also provide claude west, tips about cats, toxic cat, feline herbal remedies, cat behavior, cat food 101simple methods for homemade cat toys and kitty condo’s that keep the kitty active and provide you entertainment.

About What I Offer

Expert interviews covering the natural diet and health maintenance for felines so you can get on board with with the proper program.  I provide free information and links to all of the experts who participate on this site.  In addition I have offers in The Cat Corner which provide more information such as behavior eBook, herbal supplement eBook, Cat Food 101 eBook, my latest book Help A Toxic Cat eBook, and the best of my blogs e-book and phone interviews with the experts which are packaged together and are FREE if you sign up on the home page.

Not all toys and condo’s are created equally and this site will provide you with the know how to make your own as well as links to sites that sell.  Because quality is an issue with many of the toys and condo’s you will be money ahead to make your own should you choose to do so.  Just click the drop down category box on the right side of the home page to quickly access toys or condo blogs.

Last and hardly least is access to my suppliers.  These are proven online retailers that provide the best products for your pets.  Go ahead and take a quick tour, click here.

About Why You Want It

Your pet’s’ good health should be enough reason.  The proper diet and proper vaccination program will enhance and expand your cat’s’ life.   Eliminate life threatening diseases by super boosting your cat’s’ immune system.  There is a need to keep kitty active and healthy. Quality toys feed kitty’s “hunter play” instincts rather than be bored.  Our toys and condo ideas are simple to construct and are long lasting which make them affordable.

About Tips On This Site

All tips go to the local humane society for cats and dogs to provide shelter, food, and medical services.  Your charity will help homeless cats and dogs find a new home and we thank you for that.

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I welcome any feedback, comments or questions you may have about this website or product ideas.  Please click the contact tab above.

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