25 Toxic Items To Pets, Found Around the House

25 toxic items to pets that are found around the house, are you aware of these toxic dangers?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

25 home items toxic to pets, toxic items to pets

grapes are toxic to cats

Many pet owners are unaware that several food groups are quite toxic to both cats and dogs including indoor plants, medications, and household items. Have you ever dropped a pill on the floor and could not find it? This is a common event and as sure as Murphy’s Law is golden, your cat or dog will find that pill. My cats know when anything is out of order in the house or outside.

Did you ever see your cat on the kitchen counter checking out every item there? I cannot count the times my wife has left an open chocolate bar on the counter and most people do not understand that chocolate is quite toxic.

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Holistic Healing, Using a Certified Veterinary Naturopath

Are you searching for a holistic healer for your pets?  Finding out that there are few choices in your area, you should consider a Certified Veterinary Naturopath.

By Claude West (Cat Man)holistic healing for pets, what is a certified naturopath

Are you having difficulty finding a holistic veterinarian in your neighborhood?  They are out there but not in abundance or just not advertised and promoted as holistic healing.  Because of this, you may want to consider another alternative and contact a certified veterinary naturopath.

Holistic healing….What is a Certified Veterinary Naturopath?

I asked Dr. Kim Bloomer V.N.D., N.D.  this question and here is one of several replies she gave me.  The definition of naturopathy is “a system or method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.”

Although in the USA, no one other than a veterinarian can treat disease as a business. Naturopaths provide guidance to the pet owner in how to assist the natural healing process inherent in all living things. Continue reading

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Holistic Veterinarian Promotes Natural Healing

Does your current veterinarian recommend natural products? That is where a holistic veterinarian has an advantage.

By Claude West (Cat Man)what is a holistic veterinarian

Some allopathic veterinarians (traditional vets) have expanded their education.  They have added training to include holistic supplementation and treatment.  This makes them more attractive to individuals who prefer natural healing for their pets.  In addition, this combined training provides another medical dimension for your pet’s health.

What is a holistic veterinarian?

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Animal Communication Share Thoughts with your Pets

How would you like to be able to have a conversation with your pet?  How many times did you wish that you could? Animal communication share thoughts with your pets.

 By Claude West (Cat Man)

animal communication, animal communicator

Sadie, all bagged out!

First, I want to address the question of how can I benefit from using an animal communicator.  They can provide you with how your cat is really feeling both mentally and physically.  Combine animal communication with your veterinarian and you have a complete picture that is more proactive over waiting to see if your pet is sick or not.  Another benefit is they are able to help your cat through energy healing/training.  Animals have this innate skill to use energy to facilitate healing but may need some assistance or direction. Continue reading

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Lament for Journey Lost Kitty

Lament for Journey lost kitty.  Where will she travel and where is she going?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

She came one spring just a handful of kitten, short hair with mottled colors and speckles.

journey, lost kitty, lament for Journey lost kitty

baby Journey

We did not know where you came from or where you were going and thought the name Journey was fitting for you.  Oh, the joys of a kitten watching you grow.  The games you play so full of energy, no fear, and bold.  Yet so loving when you slept with us bringing many tears of joy and injured toes to our life.

As a teen, you could not get enough of life your activity. Just making us dizzy just watching you run, jump, and hide.  What pleasure you brought to your older brother Tomtom.  He was ecstatic to have a playmate for life.  We saw you take him on three times your size.  As a small kitten you were so bold without fear.  There were times where you wore him out, so full of energy so full of life.

You grew to a young adult and what a beauty.  Having sleek dense fur of multi colors with yellow green eyes and a soft voice.  As time went on you became more aloof.  No longer wanting to sleep with us but more intent on protecting your lair with your scent.  Time spent with Tomtom became less and less.  He even spent more time in the front where you lived in the back. Continue reading

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FDA Crackdown Pet Food Industry Recalls

Unfortunately, FDA crackdown is not for the right reasons!

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Well they went and did it by making it public.  The pet food recalls, fda, commercial pet foods susan thixtonFDA crackdown on the pet food industry must follow the same rules as for human food.  Meaning the food, drug, and cosmetic laws that Congress passed back in 1938.  Unfortunately, the FDA crackdown pet food industry recalls is not for the right reasons!  I was getting the latest scoop from Susan Thixton’s website, the Truth about Pet Food how the FDA has decided to step in and start regulating the pet food industry.

I had to bust a gut for the following reasons:

  • ·        As Susan points it out that, the FDA is doing this to protect the public but not necessarily doing it to protect your pet.
  • ·        They are asking for input from the public and the pet food industry.  If this is the first you heard about it believe me most of the public is in the dark.  Meanwhile you can bet your next can of Kennel Ration the pet food industry is performing a major lobby campaign.
  • ·        The original food, drug, and cosmetic act passed in 1938 never excluded the pet food industry from good manufacturing practices, safe quality food, or labeling requirements!

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Certified Veterinary Naturopath can help

Interview with Doctor Kim Bloomer, V.N.D., N.D. is a certified veterinary naturopath in small animal nutrition. She has many years of experience in animal health.  Kim has worked in veterinary medicine as an assistant for years.  She later went on to earn her doctorate in veterinary naturopathy from Kingdom College of Natural Health.  She is now an adjunct professor to the college.  Dr. Bloomer is Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, and will explain what is a certified veterinary naturopath.

certified veterinary naturopath

Dr. Kim Bloomer

1.  Please explain what is a certified veterinary naturopath and is this something new?

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Oskar Feral Cat Released

What joy to be free again!

By Claude West (the Cat Man)

Well the big day was today Sunday November 16 and Oskar theoskar feral cat released feral cat now has his freedom.  The school was not opposed to having Oskar return provided I catch his littermate and get it fixed as well.  I was sad and relieved at the same time to see him go back to the school.  Oskar feral cat released.

Keeping Oskar in a cage for over six weeks was not my original plan. Just worked out that way since scheduling veterinary service at the SPCA was limited.  The local SPCA only does feral fixing two days a week and those time slots book quickly. So with great joy Oskar feral cat released.

Last Tuesday I attempted to trap Oskar’s feral sibling to no avail.  This kitty is very cautious and is likely why I lost contact with this kitty for about nine months.  No sooner did I trap Oskar and the sibling showed up.  I know it was always there lurking in its hiding spot.  The kitty did eat the trail of food to the trap but then stopped and did not enter.

This cat is very cautious so I will set up the trap perhaps several days in advance.  Thisoskar feral cat released way kitty will become accustom to it being there.  I will also bait the trap but not set the trigger.  This will acclimate the cat going inside eating and leaving.  This is the best plan for skittish cats.

The earliest time the local SPCA has is January so my TNR activity will cease until then.  I will continue to bring food to the school to help both kitties from straying far.  I would love to see them catch prey but the park is heavily poison baited for rodents.  This means most prey is exposed and dangerous to eat.

Some relief in taking Oskar back is because I do not know how well he and Tomtom would get along.  Tomtom is ruler of this jungle.  So unless Oskar was submissive there would be kitty battles until one leaves and a problem I prefer to avoid.  Applause for Oskar feral cat released!

Reprint requirements: Article reprinted in its entirety without alterations.  Author and source required with the article.tips about cats, claude west, cat man, tipsaboutcats.com

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Thyroid Problems in Cats

What are thyroid problems in cats and how can I prevent this from happening?

By Claude West (cat man)

In General, older cats may develop a hyperthyroid condition and dogs are just the opposite they develop a hypothyroid condition. For cats, this means that the thyroid glands arethyroid problems cats, hyperthyroidism over producing several types of thyroid hormones.  Thyroid problems in cats.  This causes an increased heart rate and blood pressure that can lead to additional problems. Like rupturing of capillaries in the eyes and the kidneys if left untreated.

In a hyperthyroid condition, the thyroid gland is usually enlarging and producing more hormones than normal.  The thyroid hormone helps to regulate many of the body’s metabolic systems such as heart rate.  A hypothyroid is when the thyroid tissues slow down hormone production. This can be due to genetic or immune system disorder. Continue reading

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Feral Cat TNR Update

Feral Cat TNR Update, now fixed and living in a cage at my house.

by Claude West (The Cat Man)

It has been several weeks since I trapped this feral cat and had him neutered.  Since the

feral cat TNR update, oskar

A Feral Clowder of cats

school did not want it released immediately back to their property.  First, I had to construct a suitable cage to contain the cat.  This was no easy project.  Most commercial cages found in the local stores are to small.  A cage large enough to have a cat, litter box, and bed would have to be ordered online.

Second, I did not have the time to order a cage.  That would have been a great option since I had no guarantee that I would trap the kitty.  What I did was purchase a four foot by four foot small dog containment barrier.  The covered the open top with shelving lumber.  This is just enough room for everything needed to keep a cat in a cage for an extended period.

Feral Cat TNR Update:

The video is an update on the considerations for trapping a feral cat series and gives you a visual of the cage and its construction.

In summary, for those who plan to trap feral cats I highly recommend that you construct a cage by hand rather than purchase one.  Doing this will allow you to control what size you need. Also, you can increase the door opening so access is easier to service and feed the cat.

Recapping, my intention is to keep the cat in a cage for three or four weeks then release to my neighborhood and by doing this it will be more convenient to feed.  Jackson Galaxy recommends this process if you cannot return them back.  He further feels that ferals can be domesticated using proper techniques and time. Here is a link to his blog.

Reprint requirements: Article reprinted in its entirety without alterations.  Author and source required with the article.tips about cats, claude west, cat man, tipsaboutcats.com

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