Find Lost Cat with Kim Freeman

Learn how to find your lost cat from the expert “lost cat finder” Kim Freeman.

Blog Interview by Claude West (The Cat Man)find lost cat, kim freeman

Allow me to introduce Kim Freeman who is a professional lost cat finder. Kim has a background working with shelters to solve cat behavior issues in-home and combined her knowledge into a very niche specialty: Lost cat search & rescue and written an educational “How to” book about it.

Kim coaches people all over the world on methods to find lost cat and recover cats with extraordinary success.

She trained with Missing Pet Partnership.  Then added her own skills in tracking and bird language to find missing cats. She has become a world expert in lost cat recovery.

We will learn from Kim on how to:
• How to go about finding a lost cat
• How she trained her own cat to help her track and find lost cat
• Learn some of her most challenging cases.

You are a certified Missing Animal Response Technician. Please explain what  you go through to get the certificate.find lost cat, kim freeman

I completed my Missing Animal Response training nine years ago. Intense study in lost cat behavior, missing and found case precedents, probability analysis, animal tracking, and feline profiling.  Since then, I’ve been a recurring guest speaker for several  international training and presentation events.

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Pet Vaccines Causing Health Issues

Tips on Pet Vaccines

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Problems with pet vaccines causing health issues is a topic discussed more than any other time in the past.  There is evidence that pet vaccines can cause adverse even deadly reactions in pets.

The purpose of a pet vaccine is to stimulate the production of antibodies to specific antigens, (components or byproducts of viruses and bacteria).  When exposed to the disease later will provide a strong antibody production to combat the infection.

pet vaccines, vaccinosis

Not Again

Repetitive vaccinations will actually weaken the immune system.   This makes it more susceptible to the disease when exposed.  We do not receive additional vaccines against polio or smallpox, right?  So you need to ask, why vaccinate my pet so frequently?

The term vaccinosis refers to adverse or deadly reactions.  This is caused by an overstimulated immune system or toxic reaction to components of the vaccine itself.

The exact chemistry of vaccines is proprietary information and guarded by the manufacturer.  Certain heavy metals are detected such as mercury and aluminum.   Does it stand to reason why some pets are developing cancers at the injection sites? Continue reading

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Indoor Cat Health Dangers Possible

Indoor cat health dangers possible just because your cat stays inside.

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Spring is nearing most places and that means the insect population will be rebuilding.  Your indoor cat health is still at risk because fleas and mosquitos can come inside and infect kitty!

indoor cat health, eleven warm weather dangers to cats, mosquito, natural pest repellents, mosquito, immune system


Both mosquitoes and fleas can access your home when doors are open or hitching a ride with you or other animals.  Veterinarians are reporting an increased incidence of flea and worm infections with indoor cats.  Areas with a large mosquito problem must be on the alert.  Start treating your cat with natural insect repellants designed for animals.  I like to shop for natural products online and grab a coupon code for additional savings. Continue reading

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Cat Dental Health Prevent Diseases

February is “Cat Dental Health Month.”  So have you had your cat’s teeth examined recently?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

cat dental health prevent diseases, raw meaty bones

Raw Meaty Bones, like using a toothbrush!

Every month should be cat dental health month for cats because we do not provide them with the proper diet that would support good dental hygiene.  Some breeds of cats are more prone to dental disease and all cats will start to show some decay after the age of three.

So why is diet so important to dental health in a cat?  In the wild, and keep in mind that domestic cats have not evolved in the last ten thousand years comparing to wild cats, whole prey is the reason for their dental health. Raw meaty bones help scrape the teeth and gums while the cat is tearing and chewing.  Sounds a bit gory but is very real and why wild cats and even feral cats have less dental problems than their domestic cousins.

Continue reading

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Tips on Pet Safety during Holidays

Do you have lots of decorations for the holidays and have pets? Then you need to read tips on pet safety during holidays.

By Claude West “The Cat Man”

Pet safety during holidays.  This is a pet owner’s concern and should evaluate what those could be. Decorating your house for Christmas is always a challenge for you and your pets.  I am most concerned about cats because they are climbers and can create huge dangers including house fires.  Most pets are well behaved but we must take precautions to reduce risk.

Continue reading

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Learn Animal Communication Training

Communicating with your cat at an intimate level when you learn animal communication training!

By Claude West (Cat Man)

Learn animal communication training and communicate with your cat.  Do you often find yourself asking the question, “I wonder what kitty is thinking right now?”  There have been numerous times with my cats that I would give a day’s pay to get an answer to that question.  Have you ever wondered if kitty is feeling ok or is hurt?

learn animal communication training, how to communicate to your cat,

Having a friendly conversation!

Cats often hide their pain and this makes it very difficult to see that they may be injured.  Did you know that the number one complaint veterinarian’s have about their clients?   They waited too long before bringing them in for treatment.

Would it be nice to communicate with your cat and know what they are thinking or how they feel?  Animal communication has been in existence for thousands of years.  This ability belonged to spiritual leaders of the community and in later years, people with that ability and their cats faced persecution for practicing witchcraft.  Fact remains that communicating with your cat is a very real possibility. Continue reading

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Microchip Your Cat, Helps for Recovery

Why do you want to microchip your cat?

By Claude West (Cat Man)

microchip your cat , microchip cat recovery

Microchip about the size of rice

Have you ever lost your pet and never found it again?  I have had numerous events where my cats were gone for several days or less.  Fortunately, they all managed to return home.  I have never in the past microchipped my pets.

Times I often wondered about the value of this procedure.  Well it is time for me to get off the fence and pick a side.  Microchip your cat for recovery. There is great value in microchipping your cat should it have opportunities to stray off.

Tomtom and I have a brief video discussion about why you should microchip your cat.

Many holistic healers do not like the procedure.  They consider it invasive and in rare events has caused medical problems and cancer.  The likelihood of any medical problem is minimal.  There are millions of animals are wearing chips without incident.  You need to ask yourself, why not microchip your cat? Continue reading

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Cat Exercise, Tips to help

Cat Exercise, Is Kitty Getting Daily Exercise?

By Claude West (Cat Man

Did you get your cat when it was a kitten?  Do you remember all of the time you spent playing with them?  Even if your cat was an adult when it adopted you.  He or she must have had many moments of play getting good cat exercise.  I find myself drifting away from that time spent like most folks.  We have more reasons why we can’t than Baskin Robbins has flavors.

Failure to provide cat exercise:

These reasons will cost you and your cat’s health over time.  When your kitty becomes a senior, (over 12 years of age), then the lack of a steady and dependable cat exercise routine will cause problems: Continue reading

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Cat Spraying or Urinating Outside the Litterbox

Cat Spraying or Urinating outside the litter box? There is a difference between spraying and urinating!

By Claude West “Cat Man”

cat spraying or urinating, outside the litterbox

Cat Spraying

Is your cat spraying the furniture, walls or windows?  You are not alone when it comes to the issue of how to stop a cat from spraying, period!

Cat spraying is the number one reason a person takes a cat in to see the vet.  This is the main reason the owner gets rid of the cat.  There are some common steps recommended by the experts to start changing the cat’s behavior.

The number one reason cited by the experts is failure to get your cat neutered or spayed.  Cats with intact sex glands always spray or mark to alert the opposite sex that they are ready for mating.

Cat spraying or urinating?

You must also determine if the problem is just urinating outside the litter box or marking by spraying.  There is a difference!  Note that urinating problems are usually an indication of a medical condition.  Where cat spraying  or marking is a combination of medical and behavioral problems.

Continue reading

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Stray or Feral Cat, Do You Know The Difference?

The Difference between a Stray or Feral Cat

By Claude West (Cat Man)

stray or feral cats, feral cats, stray cats, domestic cats

A kindle of Feral kittens

I have often come across this question of what is the difference between a stray or feral cat.  The answer is not as obvious as the question because most people view the two as the same and differing between a stray or feral cat is difficult.  It is important though to know the difference and what actions you should do if you have one of these cats roaming around your house. Continue reading

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